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Great coins, great friends and a wonderful atmoshpere! posted by TD Henson

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There all to be had in the NGC registry.


Greetings all, it's been a little while since my last post. In the past week I've been to the local coin shop, conversed with friends from the Collector's Society and renewed my membership and the real reason for my post.


I always dread renewals, a cash outlay that takes away from my coin budget - magazines, clubs, yes even Coin World. I almost ditched Coin World this year, but in the last minute pulled the trigger. Somehow though, I never seem to mind the NGC renewal, perhaps it's because of the 5 grades, but really I think it's more related to the family at NGC and the collector's society.


I've dabbled with the PCGS registry but find it difficult to operate and it feels much more antiseptic, whereas the Collector's Society site is really about coins and the collectors. Customer Service is great, if you've never called NGC, you're missing a real treat. I've never felt so much like a customer than when dealing with them on the phone. The people here are fantastic and well the wealth of information is unparalleled. I come to the site several times a day to see what's going on and to interact. Sometimes I look at my set, not sure what I'm expecting, perhaps the coin fairy left some new coins that I didn't know anything about...


Kudos to NGC for a job well done, thanks to all those I've interacted with in the past 3 years and here's to another great year doing what I (we) enjoy most.


Have a great evening and hopefully you didn't find this post too boring.


Today's pic - Obverse 1967 Roosie MS 68 FT.





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I know what you mean about those renewals. I just threw my Coins Magazine and Coin World renewal envelopes away. Gonna stick with Numismatic News and Coinage. I also plan on dropping my ANA membership and upgrading my NGC membership because the only real reason I keep the ANA is for the direct submission privileges and its just cheaper

to upgrade NGC. Plus, with NGC, I can track my submissions from cradle to grave, not

possible with ANA sponsored submissions.


This is truly a great forum and combined with my All Ford Mustang Forum gives me a great deal of entertainment, education, and fellowship with my fellow coin and Mustang enthusiasts.


Beautiful photo of your Roosevelt BTW, did you do that yourself??




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I've also dropped my ANA membership, as I feel I get so much more from NGC and the Collector's Society.


That photo is mine and a very lucky shot. It is one of my favorite Roosie pics I've taken for my set. Thanks for the kind words.



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