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Unknown Grading Service

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Hi everyone. I'm new to the boards here. I hope someone will recognize this. I recently encountered a government seized property auction. Anyway, the 2 morgans I won were graded by Federal Certification Service. At first I thought maybe it was some sort of in house deal for the US government. The dates for the grading are 6/87. The holders are about the same material and size as a currency holder. Plus there's a obverse and reverse picture. Anybody ever hear of the them? I got lots of questions still being a novice (3 yrs) Thanks, Jerry

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Hi Jerry,


Welcome to the boards. I haven't been here that long myself, but you will find many knowledgable, friendly and helpful people here.

Your 'Federal Certification Service' sounds like one of the boiler-room operations from the mid to late eighties....These guys single-handedly set the coin market back from 7 to 10 years with their scams. Mind you, I don't remember seeing this particular organizations stuff, but I've seen plenty of this 'type' of material with certification.

You're with NGC now !! The real deal.......


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Hi Paul, I was thinking about putting up a picture of the 2 coins I won but if you or anybody would like to see what I'm talking about, I think this should work. Theseholders aren't as durable as the hard plastic ones, but to me they are much more attractive by far!! So, I hope anyone who is interested can follow this


1. Go to www.seizedpropertyauctions.com

2. Go about half way down and click on Upcoming Auctions

3. Start scrolling down and you'll start coming to the auctions that have closed and click on Coin Auction #163

4. Click on Morgan Dollars 1878-1890

5. On page 2 about half way down there are some and on page 3 there are a bunch.


I won the 1879S and 1881S. I like the appearance of these holders better than what's offered by anyone right now. The big draw back is that they are not airtight and a liitle on the flimsy side. Plus the big "oops" is the printing on the reverse is upside down compared to the Eagle. Anyway, thanks for responding and hope you take a look, Jerry

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I don't know anything about them, but there was a thread not too long ago across the street with a little info.


Welcome to the boards to both of you.

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