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1995 nickel that looks like a penny

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Hi all. I dont collect modern coins so I'm a little sheepish asking this question...so here it goes.


Got a roll of nickles the other day and opened it up and in the middle of the roll is a 1995 nickel (right size and shape) but the color is exactly like a penny.



Do Nickels have an inner copper core?

How do I find out if it is indeed a nickle minted on a penny planchet?




sorry no picture yet

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Your coin is most likely what is called a "copper wash". The nickel planchet that that particular coin was struck on went into a rinse that was previously used for cents and a chemical reaction created the copper looking affect. There is very minimal value on these.


If it was struck on a cent planchet it will be smaller than a nickel and the lettering around the edges will run off... here's a photo of a nickl struck on a cent blank.






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