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My Early Commems - 1st Collection

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A few years ago, I had my assistant image my Early Commems

and I forgot about the CD until this morning.


I have no idea how these will come out on this Thread -

but rest assured, you're the first to view this set other

than a friend who wanted to buy the set.


[ Looks ok, I'll add a page every so often; problem is

locating the reverse of page one now !! ]




ok... found it...



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Wow, what a nice collection. You spent a lot of time tracking down some of those beauties. Congratulations and thanks for sharing them with us.

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Page Five:


[ BTW - this is getting harder - just trying to get everything in order !! ]









That's it for this morning - got to get to Palm Sunday services.

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Sweet! It would be great to get photos of just the coins, cropped, placed next to one another in a nice display. Make it your computer wall paper, print and frame it, etc.


White can be beautiful!


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I finally got each page figured out - so - I'll add these two to cap off the evening !


Please excuse all the blank space around these two medals.


You'll need to tab all the way over to the right of this screen to see them !!! :o




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Well, I hope you enjoyed looking over my set of Early Commems -

and I wish I had had them professionally imaged.


As I had never seen a complete set of all 144 [ plus the Norse issues ]

Early Commems - I decided to put together a set. It was a lot of fun

and the toughest group in the series to locate in original MS and as

white as possible were without a doubt the Arkansas and the Washington-

Carver series. Most of these are so dipped out its enough to make you sick.

All of these coins have all the "snap of original luster" and are vibrant.


The only colorful coin is really the Hawaiian. Most I had inspected had a

lemon-yellow cast over them - and were unattractive. This coin is light amber

and has wonderful original luster as well. [ ex: Liz Coggan of JJ Teaparty ].


I should mention that this set is the basis for the JB3 Collection registered



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I think WOW!!!!!!!! pretty much sums up what I feel about your collection. I cannot think of anything that I could add. So, I congratulate you and thank you for sharing such an awesome endeavor.


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