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For the love of coins... posted by E Dawn R

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I've always had a passion and a fascination with coins; particularly, old US coins. I had a massive collection about 4 years ago that sadly I was forced to sell in its entirety due to health problems which resulted in my being without a job. I am still broken-hearted to this day. It's been near-impossible to rebuild what I had, given how rare some of the items I had were. I had almost every denomination coin ever minted in the US, minus the absolute rarest, of course... and minus the gold coins of old, although I did obtain an tenth ounce eagle at one time, but I digress.


The price of coins has gone up dramatically in these past 4 years, and thus I've had an extremely difficult time finding even CULL coins at an affordable cost! It's quite depressing. Right now, I'm down to having only ONE Morgan dollar (which at one time I had multiples, as well as a Carson City one of a key date), ONE CBU Columbian half dollar (which brought me to join this site as I am dying to get it graded), and a set of Kennedy half proofs that were a gift from my mother (sadly they are not pre-1964, but it was the thought that counts and I'm very happy to have them).


I am still trying to piece together a new collection, but I fear this will be near-impossible to achieve. It deeply saddens me to know what I was forced to let go of, but it was THE ABSOLUTE last resort. I can only hope one day to be able to replace even 1/10th of what I had...


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E R, Keep in mind that a lot of us had to sell everything when the stock market crashed. I sold my Morgan set and paid off all finances for a year. Even though I loved the set I came back collecting a large variety of US coins. I have enjoyed every coin and the prices are better than the high end Morgans so I have acquired much more volume in my collection.


The best part of the new beginning is I started buying from members, extras and liquidating sets. My sets are starting to look pretty good and without auction fees included "affordable". I don't think you could find a coin club that offers more knowledge than right here.


Welcome to the society and enjoy the new beginning of your sets.



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E Dawn R,

Sorry to hear you were forced to liquidate, I hope your health has

returned fully. Here's some thoughts on easing back into collecting,


Get to know a few local collectors, join a club if one is available, check

those Coin Star bins, sort through bank rolls, and become a scholar

of coins, not just a collector.



The BeAW.

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