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Nickels for The Weekend

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I love the Buffs in this thread, but I love Jeffersons more.




1938 PCGS MS66 FS

A blue-violet patina dominates both sides of this premium gem with yellow and orange highlights at the peripheries. While there are some minor distractions that limit the grade to MS66, the focal areas of this coin are incredibly clean including a very smooth cheek and jawline. The coin is well struck with 5 full steps and would have a good shot at the + designation upon resubmission.


1938-D NGC MS66 5FS

Orange and blue-violet centers yield to rainbow bands of cherry red, mint green, and sunfire yellow that peek out from underneath sandy peripheries. Some abrasions on Jeff's jawline and collar limit the grade but the eye appeal is off the charts for this boldly impressed full step gem.


1938-S NGC MS66

Silky smooth, bold and beautiful. Just a hint of champagne toning on a very attractive Jefferson.


1939 Reverse of 38 NGC MS67

Incredible coruscating luster envelops both sides of this blast white premium gem that is both well struck and has been carefully preserved.


1939-D Reverse of 38 NGC MS67

A fantastically target toned Jefferson on both sides with sandy peripheries followed by vivid thin bands of apple green, violet, pink, and sunshine yellow yielding to bright white centers. A lustrous clean beautifully toned nickel.


1939-S Reverse of 38 NGC MS67

This premium gem is graced by blushes of grass green on both sides. Some minor imperfections scattered about do not detract from the coin's beauty.


1939 Reverse of 40 NGC QDR MS67

Gorgeous, lustrous, and minimally abraded grey surfaces greet the viewer of this early date premium gem. This variety is not nearly is pronounced as the 1939 DDR but still shows strong quadrupling of most of the reverse lettering with a close spread. While the pick up points are listed as MONTICELLO & CENTS, I find that the easiest way to recognize this variety is pointed out in THE CHERRYPICKER'S GUIDE. The "O" in MONTICELLO is distinctly egg shaped and the "C" in AMERICA is much wider as a result of the quadrupled die. A very cool variety that will appeal to variety collectors but certainly not a must have for a Jefferson series collector.


1939-D Reverse of 40 NGC MS67

A striking coin with incredible luster and superb surfaces under a dove grey and champagne rose iridescence. I have dubbed this coin "THE AVATAR" and use the obverse as my avatar on several numismatic forums. The obverse embodies everything that a Jefferson Nickel should be: booming luster, near flawless surfaces, no remnant planchet flaws, and fully struck details. If the reverse had full steps, it would fall into the same category.


1939-S Reverse of 40 NGC MS65 5FS

Intermingled orange, light purple, and pea green cover satin surfaces of this gem that is scarce in full steps. The obverse is very clean for the grade and the significant marks on the reverse certainly limit the grade.


1940 NGC MS67 6FS

A lightly gold toned early Jeff for the strike conscious collector. While not wildly eye appealing like many of the coins in this set, a razor sharp strike leaves no detail behind and alone merits this coins inclusion in this set.


1940-D NGC MS67 6FS

A dazzling superb full step premium gem with glowing golden rose iridescence. Fantastic surfaces and excellent strike are complimented by the attractive toning from this coin obtained from the Compradore Collection.


1940-S NGC MS67 6FS

The obverse boasts an almost iridescent lavender cast over incredible boldly impressed and stunningly lustrous surfaces. There are three severe die cracks on this coin which indicates that it is from a late die state. This may be the most well struck LDS Jefferson in existence and the strike would compete with most EDS coins as well.


1941 NGC MS67*

Bright white centers are surrounded by iridescent violet and blue reminiscent of a war nickel. The peripheries are a sandy cover with rainbow undertones. This coin's beauty is elusive in photographs, but when viewed in hand the reason for the assigned star designation becomes much more evident. One of only 14 coins graded MS67 to be awarded a star.


1941-D NGC MS67* 5FS

A truly phenomenal coin. Lime green, apple red, orange, and lemon yellow cover the obverse in an incredibly beautiful intermingled pattern. The center of the reverse is bright pink, yielding to lavender, lime green, yellow and orange. An immensely attractive high grade full step Jefferson. Only five full step 1941-D's have earned the star designation and this is certainly the finest of the five.


1941-S Large "S" NGC MS65

At first glance, this coin seems very unimpressive with it's rather mushy strike, assortment of marks, and lack of eye appealing toning. However, closer examination of the mintmark reveals that this is one of the highest graded examples of the Large "S" variety which is rare in the gem grades. It should also be noted that this coin displays the "halo effect" as explained in the comments of the 1940-S nickel.


The final die pair of the 10 was used to create the Large S Jeffersons. These coins are very difficult to locate in mint state and the total NGC population is 37 with only 2 showing full steps. And although 1941 marked the change from the small "s" mintmark to the large "S" mintmark, the mintmark style used for 1941 is unique and displays a triangular shaped lower serif.

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Some VERY NICE coins and presentations so far!!!!!!!!!!






I was very fortunate to find this example before Joe did. ;)










Mark Feld Pedigree/Mark Goodman images. (thumbs u

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Wonderful Nickels everyone!! I only own 1 nickel and he is far to young to be exposed to these colourful miscreants!!

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