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Finished my Rosies!! posted by TPETERS

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Well Sort of Finished with the Rosies!


Good Morning All,


I put the last piece of the puzzle together in my 46-64 Circ. Rosie's yesterday! Currently ranked 14th.

Not that I want you to think it is done, by no means is it done. Just have it at 100%! There are still 20+ coins to be upgraded, but that can be said for most sets.

This set will never be a #1 set in the rankings. As I have mentioned before, I try to be a purist to NGC. What I have completed is a set of coins that are ALL NGC coins. A few of them are top pops. Top POP to me means that there are less than 10 of them in MS67FT and none or very few better. If I wanted to,I could improve the quality, but that would mean adding PCGS coins. My goal in this set is to stay with NGC coins. It has taken me almost a year to get here, but I have arrived!!!


I also am building a complete set of Rosies 46-Date, in this set I have to accept the fact that NGC just didn't grade many coins some years. I will have to let PCGS in this set.

Several people in the community have helped me get here. Jason and Mike have really helped me put this set together. Actually if it wasn't for Jason, I would not have even started the 46-Date set. I never thought I would make it this far with this set. I just attained the #5 ranked set yesterday with the addition of the last coins.


I reviewed all the effort that went into this set. I am amazed that this set has gotten where it is so fast. It has taken me 4 months and I am just over half done with it. I have a long way to go to complete this set but it will be a fun ride! A fellow member has been an invaluable source to get most of the top coins in this set. I have 1 coin that it is the only/best coin for that year/mint mark. It probably doesn't mean much too many of you, but any coin that is THE BEST is still the best! I can get PCGS and upgrade this set, but I will attempt to stay with as many NGC coins as I can.


Thanks for reading my self-praise letter. I am PROUD to have accomplished this task. My heirs will have a top set of coins to deal with some day!


Take Care and Be Well,




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