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Silver Eagles

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Personally I would not buy them for investment purposes. I can't tell the difference between a 69 and a 70 anyway, so for me I can't justify the price.

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I think it depends on what you intend to buy them for. Long-term appreciation, short-term flip, or just to have in your collection. There can be problems with all three choices, money-wise.


LT---they may NOT appreciate. ST---you have to make sure you buy low and can find a buyer to sell to at a higher price (easier said then done!). As for having in your collection, this relates to LT as at the time of purchase, there will be X number of 70's out there. More will be slabbed, thus reducing their value hence, you can lose money doing so.


As chinook correctly pointed out, there are very few out there that would be able to tell the difference in hand between a 69 and a 70 unless they are extremely familiar with the series. It is mostly a "grader thing" where the difference is only known by the grader as to what kept it from being a 70 or what got it to make a 70.


This is why I only buy SAE's from the mint and my present collection is all mint original w/box and COA. Of course, getting the 95W this way means putting up around $4000 for the limited set issue housing it. Only key coin in the series that cannot be gotten alone.





P.S. Dave, if you read this, PM me your email please. My PM out doesn't work.

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This is one of the few moderns where I'd favor the proofs. Not that these are poised to move up or are great buys, just that a much higher percentage of these has probably been searched for gems than the BU's.


It is probably safe enough to collect the BU's if you pay attention and go slow at it. Look at a lot of original coins to see which issues are actually more difficult in high grade and make your purchase decisions accordingly. When people get burned it is usually caused by paying large premiums for coins which aren't rare and don't warrant such premiums. Even if coins are rare it is important to have some sort of feel for future demand and be lucky that you're right.


Collecting is rarely so risky as "investing" or speculating. Good luch whatever you do.

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