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A quad addition and a new photo posted by moondoggy

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Adding to my MS collections and my first night time photo


Greetings again my fellow purveyors of the coin,

Tonight I would like to share on two subjects. First I was fortunate to add four coins to my MS SAE collection. I won four auctions in the same evening. (must of been a slow evening) or I was just lucky.

Secondly I would like to share some info on a previous journal I posted about my "New" Naturalight lamp. Tonight was my first attempt at shooting photo's at night time with an artificial light source. I have attached a photo of the reverse of one of the SAE I just added to my set. I took this photo with no other light source, hand held the camera (no tripod) and use auto focus and no flash on the camera settings. As I stated in my earlier journal this light provides a "Natural Light Source" I choose this sample photo because it shows the hologram on the reverse really well. Also the detail of the coin itself. I imagine with a little practice and "tweaking" some settings I can now take photo's anytime day or night. Where once I was restricted to daytime ONLY photo shooting the new light has expanded my choice.





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Hi Moondoggy,

It has been awhile since we chatted. I really liked your picture with your naturalight lamp. I have been experimented on taking pictures as well. I too take my pictures under natural sunlight, depending on the time of day, weather etc, some of pictures I liike and some show how horrible of a photographer I am. Can you give me details on your setup and lamp?


Hank (Wallz)

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Hi Hank;

The light is "Naturalight" model UN1017. It was around $50 - $55 I purchased it at one of the local fabric stores here. They were out of stock on the "Ott" light but had these (which are the very same thing) It is really nice as to turn it on you just open it up. You can set the tilt of the lamp head to just about any degree you want up to 90.

My camera is a Canon EOS Rebel XS Digital and I am using an 18 - 55 mm lens with Auto Focus and Stabilizer ON. I set the camera to (NO Flash) I also use a can of compressed air to lightly spray any hairs etc of the slab before I take the photo. If I am using a tripod I use the self timer on the camera. You would have to go this route if you do not have a stabilizer function on your lens assy.

For the light try any fabric store in your area. If they have none I am sure they can order it.

Here is a link to the lamp:





hope this helps


Mike (moondoggy)

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