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Any Civil War Token Society ? members here?

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I'm curous about the quarterly mag or book that you get. Is it any good? The membership is pretty cheap.



give me some thoughts/impressions.




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Goose: Boy have you hit a raw nerve for me. I am (was) a member of the CWTS and a last month I saw that their bulletin board was not being used. I posted it and made comments about it. A few people agreed and we decided to hold an online chat. I volunteered to make an announcement about it on different boards and I posted what I was going to say so I could get input from other members. I got what I thought was only positive feed back. A few days after I posted it on the Yahoo groups a staff writer trainee from COIN WORLD contacted me about this because he saw it on a group that he reads. He wanted information on the online group. I felt that I could not give that information without permission so I tried to contact a few officers and I posted his email online so I could get input from other people. About the same time I was having phone problems where I could not make calls but could receive them. I talked to a few members and they asked me to hold off on talking to this reporter until they could get other officers into the discussion. That was the last I heard about this until the staff writer trainee contacted me to say that he need something because his dead line was up. I gave him basic information and explained about the Board of Governors not getting back to me so I could not give more information until they got back to me.


We have four people attend the first chat and it went very well. I made a transcript of it with the permission of the attendees. I made that available to anyone by email that asked for one. I also made this available to the online group but the web master for CWTS did nothing with this. I also have asked him questions and he did not reply to any of them. Also when people who had questions pertaining the chat or online group asked me a question I forwarded them to him and got no indication that he helped them.


A few weeks later we had a second online meeting. I sent out the regular announcements and I also sent out invitations to the Board of Governors and officers of the CWTS to have them attend the chat. We only had three people attend the chat. Half way through it we had a member of the Board of Governors stop by and mention that there was a chat in the room that was on the group’s web site. So I went over there and when I went over there no one was there but the remains of their chat was there. It seems that the member of the board of Governors that invited us over there and one of the officers were having a field day tearing me apart by making accusations about me, implying that I wanted to be President and was dangerous.


Everything I tried to do I posted first to get input and got none for the most part and was trying to do all this to help the club and not for some weird sense of satisfaction or recognition. So if you want to belong to a group that makes members feel welcome and values participation by members I would look somewhere else. If all you want for the group were to get their journal and nothing else then I would spend the $10.00 bucks. CHRIS

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That experience would leave me with a raw nerve, too.


no doubt about that. I guess i won't waste my 10.00 joining.


Thanks for the info!



anyone know where I can get the Fuld books cheap?

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It's a shame you guys have taken this position because a bad experience over a chat room.


CWT Society membership is well worth the price. The articles in the quarterly magazine can be up and down because they are contributed free of charge by the members. Usually there are at least four or five articles a year that are well worthwhile. Society membership entitles you to purchase the basic reference books at significant savings. You can also purchase hardbound reprints of the first 20 years of the CWT Society’s magazine, which contain a WORLD of information. There have also been some bonus publications though the years that were sent to members free of charge. One of the best of these was a guide to the Indiana Primitive series.


The Society offers you the best and the easiest source for information on CWTs. For only $10 you can’t go wrong with a membership in the CWT Society.

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