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PRESS RELEASE: Jade announces sale of fourth coin! Read all about it!

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Another Numismatic Milestone: Jade Rare Coin Celebrates Fourth Coin


- April 1, 2004


A 1994 Lincoln Memorial cent is the fourth coin authenticated and sold by Jade Rare Coin of Grand Rapids Michigan.


(Grand Rapids, MI) -- A 1994 Red and Brown Lincoln Cent now is part of numismatic marketplace history. On March 24, it was registered as the fourth coin actually sold by Jade Rare Coin (JRC) a division of Caricature's Universe, Inc.


The coin is graded XF-40++, and the new owner intends to have it certified by PCG$, with the grade printed right on the encapsulation holder's insert. If he's lucky, it might receive the coveted "FR" designator, indicating the XF coin has "Full Rims".


The milestone was reached less than two years after JRC recorded its third sale in April 2002 and a little over 3 years since the company sold its first coin in February 2001.


"This is a dad-gummed amazing accomplishment for our business and my career." drawled Mr. Dennis Tarrant, President of JRC. "Up to now, 'bout the only way I could get rid of coins was to donate them to YN auctions." Four coins is obviously not a lot of coins, and clearly illustrates what happens when you don't embrace the third party grading concept that the rest of the marketplace has. "The grading companies have spoken and done went and tol' everyone what they gonna be allowed to collect in terms of quality," continued Mr. Tarrant.


"Why, without third-party grading, how in blazes would we know which Sacagawea dollar was the first one struck? Heck, the customer only bought this coin because I promised him PCG$ wouldn't body bag it. Boy oh boy, where'n blinkin' blazes would we be then? I sure am glad we were a tiny part of the revolution."


The milestone coin, a 1994 Lincoln Cent, Memorial Type reverse, will be submitted by long time customer Steve Contrary, President of Common New England Shilling Wholesalers in Du Pont, California.


Tarrant personally contacted Steve Contrary to surprise him with the news that his coin was something rather ordinary for the company and to share the insignificant achievement with him. "By golly, we're gonna have to make a habit of this selling thing-ee. I done discovered that you make a whole lot more when you can sell coins rather than just give the danged things away!"


Ron Howard, formerly of "Happy Days" fame, will be hired as spokesman for this monumental event. He stated through an interpreter: "You just don't see pennies like this in XF. Most of the coins certified are in superb gem condition. A lot of them are colorized. This 1995 is a gorgeous original circulated coin that actually got used for it's intended purposes. It'll be the only one PCG$ has graded XF-40 in the past 18 years."


"It is especially gratifying that we didn't even have to pay for this coin, as Mr. Tarrant discovered it on the floor inside Starbucks not more than three weeks ago. He had just finished a cappucino while reading the second edition of the PCG$-authored reference book, 'The Official Guide to Coin Grading and Counterfeit Detection,'", when he momentarily went to sleep and fell off his chair. There it was, on the floor right next to the bathroom.


Tarrant believes the milestone underscores the strength of the Starbuck's cappucino, as well as third-party grading.


"Their coffee is hot, and trips to the bathroom increased dramatically when you drink a lot of it. Since we began waiting for coins to come back from PCG$, we are now drinking 100 cups of coffee per month just to stay awake, slightly double the monthly average three years ago," he said.


Mr. Tarrant reports that the next coin he intends to submit is a 2004 Kennedy half in brilliant condition. "I can make a case that this is the twentieth coin struck off the dies, making it one of the earliest strikes and therefore an extremely rare and valuable coin"


"Looky here," he said, showing us the soon-to-be-famous coin. "Right here in the date, you see that? It's the number '20' clearly imprinted on the coin, and obviously done by someone at the mint for a particular reason. Until someone walks up to me with a coin with this exact same number on it, I'd consider it the twentieth struck,'' he stated. "Experts said it's impossible to say for certain that the coin was the twentieth Kennedy half struck this year, but its details are so crisp that it certainly was among the first.


Jade Rare coin has promised to keep the public informed as these dramatic events unfold. Until then, enjoy your coins!

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