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Man unearths 20,000 Roman coins while digging garden pond

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Roman treasure found in pond dig


A man unearthed a priceless hoard of 20,000 Roman coins as he dug a new fishpond in his back garden. Experts say the money may date from the 4th Century and could be the biggest find of its kind in Britain.


The coins were crammed into a ceramic pot which broke up as it was dug out of the ground at Thornbury, Gloucestershire. Now a coroner must decide if Ken Allen, who made the discovery, can keep the treasure.


Gail Boyle, from Bristol Museum, said: "This is the most amazing find of treasure to come out of this area for 30 years." Mr Allen said: "It was a great surprise and at first I didn't realise what we had found.


"The pot was perfectly upright, I can't believe that this discovery was only 20ft from our house."


Kurt Adams, the Finds Liaison Officer for Gloucestershire and Avon, said: "The coins identified so far can be attributed to Constantine the Great.

"The mint marks - a letter or symbol used to indicate the mint which produced the coin - suggest Trier, Germany and Constantinople as possible places of origin."


Treasure trove


The coins are in the care of Bristol City Museum & Art Gallery where they are being cleaned in a special laboratory. They will then be taken to the British Museum in London for further examination.


A spokeswoman for Bristol Coroner's Court said that even though the coins were found on Mr Allen's property they could still be ruled as being property of the state.


"What determines this is if the coins were buried there intentionally or lost.


"It is possible somebody put them there and forgot about them, or never intended for them to be found.


"The coroner can rule whether they are the finder's treasure or not."

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It would suck if the guy got screwed by the State. If they declare it "State Property" does the guy get anything from the British government for making the find?



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It would suck if the guy got screwed by the State. If they declare it "State Property" does the guy get anything from the British government for making the find?




How the hell does the state know how the find was meant to be found or not. Sounds like BS to me--an excuse to get their grubby little hands on it.

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Depends how it works out , if its Crown property he should get a reward equal to the current market value*

if its treasure the british museum get first refusal but have to pay him full market value*


full market value* as decided by a panel from .... the british museum.


Legal robbery anyone?



http://virtualkev.com/hoard/ <-- see the piccies

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Does anyone grade & encap old Romans? Not to mention conserve.


I got a few old Romans off eBay but could never get them clean. I know mine are not worth too much. It seems the guy in England faired much better.

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