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1911 Proof florin & shilling

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I've tried several times in the past to capture an accurate image of these coins - never had much success until today. But this time I got 'em sumo.gif


They are part of an original 10 piece Proof set - and each coin in the set is a jewel unto itself wink.gif





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Hmmmm - well there's the 1, 2, 3, 4 & 6 pence. Haven't gotten around to getting pics of those yet. The shilling & florin as above.


The half crown -





I need to redo the next two - had the saturation settings a bit high foreheadslap.gif But it's the only pics I have right now.


The half sovereign -





And the sovereign -





There were only 952 of these sets issued. One of these days I hope to obtain the 12 piece set which has the 2 lb. & 5 lb. coins as well. I have also seen, although they are not listed in Krause, the 7 piece silver only set. Wanna get one of those too wink.gif

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Well I managed to image the rest of the coins and re-did the gold and the half crown. So here's the rest of the set.

























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Now for the half crown - compare the two pics. This is a perfect illustration of what changing the lighting angle can do depending on what aspect of the coin you are trying to illustrate. Both of these pics are 100% accurate and have had 0 software manipulation other than resizing & cropping.


The first pic already shown was taken with the goal of capturing the coins luster.





This pic was taken with the goal of capturing the toning that is apparent when the coin is viewed at certain angles.







Talk about night and day 893whatthe.gif Most would swear those are two different coins. I assure you they are not. And if viewed in person and in the right light - that is exactly what you will see.

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Now for the gold. The previous pics were one of my first attempts - terrible results. While these are better - I have not even come close to accurately capturing the watery mirrors of these coins - or the cameo effect of the devices. One of these days confused-smiley-013.gif



The half sovereign -







The sovereign -





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Nice looking set!


I forgot about the half sovereign so I had trouble getting the number of coins to add up to 10. Enjoy!



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