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Anybody seen Jgrinz ... ehem by Jgrinz :)

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Hey guys just thought I would drop in and say Hi .. Things have been a little hecktic this year.

Absolutely NO coin activity at all except a quich back and forth with Mark Feld as he looks for an upgrade to my 1883 set.

I was in the hospital again ... but that seems to be the norm the last few years.

I finally joined the 1/2 century club but I feel good now so it dosn't bother me :)


Fighting with my health insurance as they said I had no insurance when I was hospitalized hmmm how could that be when they had my money a month in advance. Health Insurance sucks when you are self emplyed but I would NEVER not pay it because of my history ...duuhhh.

We will see how my brain is functioning next month when I go for my Triple Master ASE testing ... arrgghhh I can see my brain being squashed like a sponge on that with the changes of technology in cars the last few years - Should not be too tough though ;).

I lurk every once in a while but really no time - one kid in college the second is a senior so checking out schools across the country :( ...

I will try and check in a little more often

Take care


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Hi, Mike! I'm glad to see you're still alive and kicking. This has really been a lousy year, and it's not even over yet. Please accept my belated wishes for making it to the downhill side. I'll pray for lots of snow.



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Hey Mike, welcome to the 1/2 century club and good to hear from ya again! Don't stay away too long, we've had a bad year here and whenever we haven't heard from someone in a while it tends to make ya start having bad feelings in ur gut!

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What they said...

Good luck on the Automotive test, bone-up.


These suck too ...

A is Right

B is Right

BOTH A and B is Right

NEITHER A & B are right type questions.


Then they throw in 'which is more correct"

a. b. c. d.


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Good luck Mike! I will be where you are soon enough with my son who is 21 right now and a 15 y/o daughter...good luck on that test.

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