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Calling Ken Krah NGC World Coin Expert ( 1902 Matte Proof Question)

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(This was also posted on the ask NGC forum)


Ken you are stated as NGC's World coin expert. Can you please shed some light on how you would look at the 1902 British Matte Proof coins as far as grading them? What do you look for? Most of these coins were wiped by the mint employees on their aprons because they never encountered Matte proofs before and they were trying to shine them up. What effect does the mint employee handling of these coins have on their grade.


As an example Northeast Numismatics has a 1902 £5 for sale in an NGC PF60 holder. In their description they have: " A silly grade on the holder, as struck with the mint made hairlines of the issue. "





Looking at the photos I agree. Why is this coin not in a PF64 holder at the least?


Please reply here or in the World Coin Forum.

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Many 1902 Matte Proof G.B. coins have lines or what appears to be wiping that occured during the minting process. These lines are actually in the planchet. This is taken into account while grading. If this mint caused issue is severe we may deduct a point. These coins generally have deep or very dull color as well as handling marks which effect the grade to a greater extent. So far as the imaged coin on your post, this coin must have some post minting process problem in our opinion. It is impossible to grade a coin properly from an image such as this one. NGC has a regrade tier. If the coin were that severely undergraded that service should have been used.

Mint employees wiping these coins of their aprons would qualify as a post minting process problem.

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