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Strange coin dont know what it is. posted by rhonda berenne

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Anyone know what this might be?


I have a very strange coin in my collection. It's a 1957, and its legend says : confoederatio helvetica. The portrait is of Liberty (assumed) right-facing.Inscribed in her tiara is LIBERTAS

On the reverse is a wreath of what appears to be grapes? (im not sure here) but the wreath is held together with a bow at the bottom, and the wreath completely surrounds the coins face value of 5.

Can anyone tell me what this coin is, and which country of origin it belongs to. Is it silver,....HELP!!!!


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The coin is a 5 Rappen and I am guessing that 100 Rappen=1 Swiss Franc. The coin is listed in Krause Publications Standard Catalog of World Coins by the number KM #26. The coin is copper/nickel and worth about $4 in BU condition. "Libertas" is Latin for Liberty and much like our own Lady Liberty represents Liberty to us, Helvetia represents Liberty to the Swiss. I did a little research on the Swiss Confederation for a Gold 20 Franc coin I own and the following describes the origins of the name "Helvetica":

Helvetia originally referred to a Celtic group known as the Helvetii. This group migrated from Southern Germany into current day Switzerland. Eventually, the Helvetii came up against the Roman army, who caused them to retreat back into Switzerland in 58 BC. In 15 BC, the Roman Empire established them as the province of Helvetia. In AD 260, the Germans invaded the region forcing the Romans to retreat. From then the region passed hands between the Germans and the Franks until the founding of the Swiss Confederation on August 1, 1291. Today, Helvetia is a female personification of Switzerland.

I know this is more than you asked for, but much of the fun of coin collecting for me is in researching a coins history.


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