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What do you think are sleeper coins today?

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Eight Reales in mint-state as type coins.


The pillar coiinage or one of the others? I concur that pillar coinage is relatively cheap given its popularity. From the Mexico City mint, one can be bought for $1500 or slightly less.

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some suggestions and i have no doubt there are many many more in all price ranges



1--great eye appealling, undamaged, original skinned coins that circulated in colonial america post federal mint with great history and/or historical significance


2--1794 halfdimes with original surfaces and great eye appeal in circulated grades


3---gem proof original set or tissue toned morgan dollars with great eye appeal, most difficult but not impossible to find


dipped out hazy, cloudy, champagne rim toned proof morgans and/or with strike weakness over the ear not wanted/need not apply no matter what the grade


4----any grade decent eye appealling with original surfaces any date of but especially so post 1815 half and large cents


4---slightly better date to better date really choice au three dollar gold pieces with original surfaces with great eye appeal-- dipped out, washed etc. coins need not apply


5----ms 64 ms 65 one dollar gold pieces type one and three with great original orange gold surfaces and prooflike qualities


6---2009, 95% copper lincoln cents


7----any nicely circulated xf au early half dollar classic commems


8---xf and better original surfaces, never cleaned or soap and watered, great eye appealling, perfectly centered, full weight small planchet pine tree shillings ----if you find one good luck as those with these qualities are really RARE



9----small eagle bust dollars with great eye appeal, original surfaces' never cleaned, dipped, played with retoned etc. and full rims with no adjustment marks and either a really early or rather late die state any circulated grades


good luck if you can find one!


10----no motto gold coins in original, eye appealling choice vf to choice au grades


11---- any deeply prooflike choice to gem grade mintstate gold coins


12----with prices so low any proof merc. dimes and walkers that are choice to gem proof with original undipped surfaces and great eye appeal, some cameo contrast even better!!


13--- any certified ngc/pcgs ms 65 66 67 early commems with great eye appeal and originality and even better with good colorful surfaces-- they are downright value priced


14-----any post 1900 liberty brillant proof gold choice to gem proof with totally original undipped, original, unprocessed hazy orange peel surfaces and color; strongly cameoed would be a big plus


15----any strongly cameoed choice proof pre 1915 type coins wirh nice original eye appealling surfaces


16----- vf xf au 2 cent pieces with great eye appeal and original surfaces


17--- the list goes on and on

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13--- any certified ngc/pcgs ms 65 66 67 early commems with great eye appeal and originality and even better with good colorful surfaces-- they are downright value priced


(thumbs u






Also, coins like this may have some value:





Same coin showing the color:



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There are many different examples provided in these posts. I do not know the prices of all these coins but my suspicion is that many (or even most) are already expensive given their relative numismatic merits, just cheaper than some think they should be.


My opinion is that in the current economy and the one I see going forward for the foreseeable fututure, that most circulated coins are "dead money" because as "collector" coins, the likely buyers will have less discretionary income than they had prior to late 2007. Even if economic conditions do not turn out as bad as I expect, I expect these coins to lose value because whatever prosperity returns will almost certainly be weak and uneven. The current "recovery" is the weakest one since WWII.


A series like the Roosevelt dime is primarily or entirely under appreciated because most collectors find the design unattractive and that is unlikely to change for this series or any other like it. Its only conditional rarities or coins with a specific "look" that bring strong prices and from my limited observations, these coins are hardly cheap. They are expensive compared to what can be bought with the same money elsewhere. .

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Very high quality circulation strike coins....from 1965 to presesnt.


As much as I agree and love the mint set coins, I think those that didn't appear in mint sets will do especially well. While there are numerous regular issues that didn't appear in the mint sets and are very highly desirable in high grade mostly what doesn't appear in sets are varieties. Varieties don't get the great attention and demand that regular issues get but the supply of most of these is just incredibly small in any grade. Uncs tend to be gems only very very rarely.


It's not that something like a nice gem '73 quarter isn't desirable because it appears in the mint set. It is very highly desirable and a mint set version can't be distinguished from a production run version. But in every case the fact is some gems and superb gems did go into mint sets which means that generally they are not rare. Only 1% might be gemmy but with the large mint set mintage this still means there are at least dozens if not thousands around despite very high attrition.


But many of the late date coins simply weren't saved and this means there is no chance of finding varieties even in unc much less in gem. Even common varieties can be virtually unknown in unc.


I consider almost all the high grades to be sleepers but realistically five people driving up the price of a pop 4/ 0 is not a "true" market as most people define it. These markets need to get "fleshed out" to be real. In other word there needs to be thousands of collectors and only five vying at the top end. If one of them steps aside another collector will be there to take his place.


There are tens of thousands of collectors now days working on each of these sets but they are mostly young and mostly beginners.


I don't think the question is if these high grades will wake up but rather when they'll wake up. The first big sign will be when gemmy '82-P quarters start going higher. Just watch any of the moderns with extremely limited availability in unc or choice condition. These will be the first to respond to increased demand. That increased demand will come from the bottom up rather than the top down.

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