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Which Would You Send In?

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Quite a while back I started a thread ("Cleaning vs Conservation") now found in the Numismatic General section. I am not going to repeat that thread here but I do want to dove-tail off it for a few minutes. I got a great deal of information out of the replies received and I learned more than I ever thought imaginable about coin cleaning vs coin conservation. Anyway, I mentioned some of the coins given to me by me Grandmother as a 14 year old - this got me going in the hobby. These coins were put away by my Grandfather who was a banker in the 1910-1945 era. More than one person responded in the original thread stating I should join the Collectors Society, receive five free submissions and get some of my coins graded. I have joined and am now asking your opinions as to which coins you would submit for grading. Not having pics may make this a tougher call but all of these, in my opinion, will be MS64-65 with some going a bit lower and maybe a few a bit higher. At this point, I am looking for opinions - tell me which five you would send in to NGC:


1912 Liberty Nickel (Have more than five)

1913 Buffalo Nickel - Type 1 (Have more than five)

1916 Mercury Dime (Have more than five)

1917-D Standing Libery Quarter - Variety 1 (Have two gems)

1920 Standing Liberty Quarter

1916-D Barber Quarter

1943-D Lincoln Penny - 2 Full Rolls and am looking for the Doubled Die version, at least 20 have very distinct RPMs

1900-O Morgan Dollar (Have more than five)

1921 Peace Dollar (Have two)



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If the coins actually turm out to be those grsdes, I would select from the Barber quarter, Peace dollars, SLQ and Morgan dollars. Those are the coins offhand that I believe are worth the most money from your list.

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Tough call :) I make this kind of decision every year when I renew here. Are you more interested in one series than another? Is one of the dates special to you ie birth year? Are you interested in maximizing profit, if so you choose the coins that are most valuable. Do you want a grading set to learn from then submit 5 of the same coin. Is there a coin that you worry might have been cleaned or is perhaps altered or counterfeit? Are you playing the registry game? A question about NT or AT? These are a few of the hoops I jump through when deciding what lucky five I will submit. I hope this is helpful :)

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Even though you say select 5, I am recommending more than 5 (after all it is my reply!)


I would send in all the quarters and the Peace dollars.



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1 - Buffalo nickel (best of the group)

1 - Mercury dime (best of the group)

1 - 1917-D SLQ - (best of the two)

1 - Barber quarter

1 - Peace dollar - (best of the two)


Since these coins belonged to your grandfather, I'm guessing your not interested in selling them which is why I picked 5 different designs. I didn't pick the Liberty nickel or Morgan because I like the Buffalo nickel and Peace dollar design more.


Eventually, I would want to get more of them graded but your asking for 5 picks to send in now. Good luck.

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