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Toned Peace dollar

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I posted these pics a few weeks ago asking whether or not you liked the toning. There was about a 50-50 split between yes and no.


The next question I have is whether or not you think it is AT. As background, I know these coins were acquired at least 20-30 years ago and were stored in the little yellow Kraft envelopes. The skin is thick enough to cut with a knife so the lustre is muted. Thanks for you opinions. 400345-DSC00012.JPG400359-DSC00011.JPG400364-DSC00010.JPG

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I've seen this toning on select commems and pre 1930's type silver, so I agree that it appears to be natural toning.





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Thanks for the replies. That would be 6 people that say it is real.


Well, I just got the grading back from NGC and they (2) were bodybagged for AT. I can't believe it. I am 99% confident that they were not tampered with. I know that the sulphur content of the kraft envelopes was very high and lots of silver coins in them have been toned similiarily.


I want to send them back to NGC for review or is it possible to call them now and try to get some explanation? I doubt that they would even remember them though.


Granted they are common date and probably wouldnt grade over 65 anyway but since toned peace dollars are fairly rare I wanted them in a holder.


What would you do?


BTW, when they come back I will try to retake the pics. They actually are not as dark as some of the photos show.

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but since toned peace dollars are fairly rare I wanted them in a holder.


Hi, please don't take me wrong here but I would strongly disagree with this statement. True, toned Peace Dollars you don't see anywhere as plentiful as their Morgan counterpart.


I believe too many folks are under the impression ALL toned Peace dollars are somewhat rare, valuable and worth a premium.


Now ATTRACTIVE toned Peace dollars are tough and find them in higher grade becomes more of a chore. I collect the best ones I can find, and have been known to "step up" for the more attractive ones out there in the market.


Having said all this..... although this Peace dollar you've posted might be NT, my first impression was even if this coin were holdered I would be suspicious of the toning. Add that with in all reality it's not imo even somewhat attractive, I would not be a buyer of such a coin even without a premium attached.


But all this doesn't matter if you like the coin and enjoy it. I just thought I'd weigh in on the fact that attractive toned Peace dollars are a rarity, but not just any one that has some toning on it just to call it toning. sign-rantpost.gifsmile.gif

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