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For informational purposes - a new Pinnacle article on Seated Liberty dimes...

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Below is a link to a new Pinnacle article on Seated Liberty dimes. It lists, illustrates and discusses the major types, provides some historical and rarity information, offers some ways to collect them and some tips for collectors.


I debated whether or not to post this here and am satisfied that it is aimed at providing information, rather than at selling, so hopefully I wont be accused of spam. If anyone here disagrees with my assessment, please feel free to let me know.


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Stop that spam, Poindexter or we'll have to get the Spamsters Union after you! 893whatthe.gif


Nice article...btw. laugh.gif



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great informative article for me making good points

and you can agree or disagree


but in the end when all is said and done it makes you think and gives you more information for anyone to make better decisions for themselves of what they want to collect


still a great article that shows other series that are currently overlooked by many that are great historical coins and are yet undiscovered by many in the coin market dealers and collectors alike again agree or disagree but it is important to see many different things in coins as it all makes us learn and gives us again more information in which all collectors/dealers can make better decisions for themselves


and also for me


with this series you can buy a nice neat type set or just some sexy rare dates or the ultimate sdome treally technically superb grade coins and/or monster eye appeal coins and/or coins just with extra special qualities and make a set like thT all different combos for all budgets and a totally undervalued series



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A good article to get the thought juices flowing.


A few comments: the 1853-0 and 1854-0 New Orleans arrows dime are not available for a small premium to type. The 53-0 in grades XF and above is a heck of a coin. UNC 1853-0's are rarities and not available near type prices. Probably worth 2x or 3x type. I think the Stack MS65 (PCGS) is the only gem known.

The NGC MS66 probably accounts for this same coin when first submitted in 1990. It did go NGC66 in 1990. Bruce Ampspacher cracked it out that same year and it went PCGS MS65. This is one of my favorites dates in the whole set.


The 1847, 51-0 aren't really sleepers anymore. They really don't exist in gem either. The few pieces I have seen in 64 or 65 holders were utter dogs. An honest MS65 by 1989 standards may not exist....and all the dime collectors know it.


I can't think of any dates before 1874 that are sleepers. They are all well known for the most part. I love early pre-1852 dates in true gem. Those were rare in 1989 and still rare today. What is not rare is the number of lousy dipped out MS65's in holders that have about 80% mint luster. If you don't count those, most all the early dates are quite rare. Regardless of the pops, any early O mint coin is a rarity in choice original condition.


My favorite dates include 1847, 1848 (maybe still a sleeper), 1851, 1853-0, 1856-0,

1858-0 (possibly still a sleeper), and any date in the 1840's. Most nearly every "O" mint except 54-0, 57-0, 59-0 and 91-0 are great coins in choice/gem.

And I love these other "common" "O" mints as type coins for the romance.

The "S" mints are pretty well recognized so finding a sleeper in the 1856-1873 era is pretty slim since every dealer touts every "S" date as rare or underrated. Curiously, a small hoard of the 1870-s makes it sort of "available" in gem. The later date "common" "s" mints are surprisingly tough in superb gem MS66-67.

Very few S mint dimes make the grade for 67....same for New Orleans.


While most of the S mint dimes in the 1860's are rare as is, some are nearly unknown in UNC with full or even 3/4 heads....1865-s being one that comes to mind.


Any stars obverse dime in gem original condition is a prize. 80% of what is on the market doesn't qualify. Those 1 in 5 pieces are just tremendous values if you can find them.







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