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Thanks to NGC for a beautiful plaque

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Greetings to everyone !!


I have not been able to post here in quite some time, as I have been absorbed in other projects, so I apologize for my absence. However, I recently received a beautiful plaque from NGC commemorating my Registry Set Award for "Best Presented Set 2003" for my Registry Set of mint state shield nickel die varieties.


I thought everyone should know what a beautiful job NGC did in creating this award. The plaque is proudly displayed in my home library, and it makes me feel that the countless hours spent researching these coins were not just the endeavor of an isolated madman, but rather something that could be appreciated by others and that adds to their enjoyment of a fine hobby.


I think it's really great that NGC gives something back to the collector community in this fashion, and I wanted to express my thanks to all the folks at NGC who help to make the Registry possible, and these message boards.


A special thanks is also due to David Lange, whom I have tortured with multiple submissions of variety coins. In particular, David was very patient with me as I pushed to get my discovery of the 1867 proof shield nickel with the prototype pattern reverse recognized as a legitimate variety. That work led to the publication of my article in the February 2nd Coin World (pp. 2 & 76), which details this new research.


Thanks NGC !!!!!





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Sunnywood! Your award was definitely earned! You did such a fantastic job on your shield nickel set and you have tirelessly researched the series. Way to go! 893applaud-thumb.gif


Your article in Coin World was among the most excellent of the last year or more! You truly did a fantastic job defining and illustrating the newly recognized type AND giving a rational argument for the chronology of the proof mintage. That was a fantastic piece of investigative work. thumbsup2.gif Others should also know that the other articles and editorials that appeared on the subject were precipitated by your diligent research.


I also want to echo your appreciation for the plaque from NGC. I only returned yesterday from an extended business trip and found my own awaiting me (for Hoot's Classic Jeffs '38- '64). It is a beautiful acrylic plaque and very classy. I was also taken with the nice certificate for the best in category for my Little Bison bison set. And the gift of the 5 deluxe photo proofs was a fantastic bonus! I sent my thanks to Dena yesterday and asked that they be forwarded. I also sent a letter a week or two ago to Dave, Rick, and Mark with my thanks for the entire effort. Their (all of NGC's) gestures of giving back to the collectors on this site and who participate in the registries and numismaquest (!) are top-notch and make the hobby stronger. flowerred.gif



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I was going to post the same thing. The plaque is far nicer than I had envisioned, and it is proudly displayed for visitors to our home to see. Maybe I've made too much out of it, but I tell people that the recognition is the equivalent of an Academy Award for coin collecting.


Thanks again to NGC for the award!


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Congratulations!! One of the finest collections in Numismatics. I received a Certificate for some small set, but was extremely impressed with the Professionalism that NGC demonstrated on the Registry Awards. Makes even the "small guy" feel important!!!.


You must be very proud of your amazing accomplishment. How are you going to Top this next year smile.gif? Tom

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