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Foreign vs. American Busts

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I present the following coins:




The coin on the left is a 1795 Italian - Venice Tallero. The coin on the right is a 1796 Bust dollar.


They are basically the same size, age, and about the same condition with the Tallero grading a little higher, IMHO.


Call up any dealer in the country and see how many Talleros he has in stock. Ask the same about Bust dollars. 893scratchchin-thumb.gif


One would cost you around $6000 to own. The other I purchased for about 1/35th the cost. Anyone else being priced out of the US market? 893scratchchin-thumb.gif

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It's so nice to have some company collecting world coins like that! Welcome, Brother Greg, Welcome!


Just out of curiosity, would you happen to have any idea regarding the relative mintages and survival rates for each coin by type or year?



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I've recently started to get into the darkside. You definitely get more bang for your buck. For example, I just bought a beautiful NGC MS64 toned 1d Maundy from 1800 for around $60 plus shipping. Of course, there is no direct comparison to any US coin, but to buy any low mintage 1800 MS64 US coin, I would have sell my car. Actually, I would probably have to sell your car, because my car is a piece of junk. Quite frankly, I love the great coins and the affordable prices.




So let's just keep this our little secret, OK?





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You know from which country I prefer my busts! wink.gif


Seriously, though, I've been contemplating pursuing medieval European silver crowns, including building a nice type set of English silver crowns that go as far back as possible and predate the House of Tudor.


I have various scenarios in mind:

* type set that spans the history of the War of the Roses

* type set that represents the first Hundred Years War, including the non-English silver crowns

* type set that represents the various burgeoning and defunct states, principalities, duchys and cities that span as much of Europe, North Africa and the Middle East (including the cities of Rus and Kiev, the crusader territories in the Holy Lands and the carvings of the various orders of the paladin monks)


My other idea is to pursue coinage from Magnagraeca, going eastward and covering the Caucasian steppes near the Caspian Sea (I've always wanted coins with Amazonian symbols) and as far into the Graeco-Indo territories as possible.


My big problem is knowing where to start...




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Yes, you're definitely getting much more bang for your bust.


I'm close to completing my Mexican peso type set. As in the case of the bust coins, nice AU pesos from the 1860's are quite a bit less expensive than their US counterparts.

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