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Enter the time machine...................

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and step back into yesteryear for a day. You take an 1854 arrows and ray half dollar in f-12 from your collection, enter the time machine and go back to the year 1856. You have the choice of landing in a small town in Illinois or a large city such as Boston. What could you buy for your half dollar and in which venue?


I would go to Boston, buy some freshly cooked sweet bread and head to the harbor for a looksee. BTW, after buying the bread, I would have 47C left.






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Starting in 1858 you could buy new PROOFS from the mint at face value or just a bit more. Just think of all the Proof gold you could have had, for just a few dollars. I think proofs were quite cheap as recently as 1964 when I think the Proof set still only cost $2.10.


The downside of this, was that Proofs in those days had very little numismatic premium over face value, and therefore were often spent.

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The year is 1982, Dave "K" is on the mound. The score is something like 16-0, Two outs, two strikes on the batter, "K" strikes out the big kahuna and comes home with a perfect game.



The year is 1987, Dave "K" smacks the ball over the Convent beyond Center Field, a solo home run which will make Dave "K" a legend in his home town.



The year is 2001(?)- Some kid who was probably 9 in 1987, proceeds to tell me in a local bar about this guy who hit a homerun over the convent... "that was me", thus confirming the legend smile.gif (also in 2003 in my new home town, where someone recognized me)


...and to make this coin related. Did you know in 1982 and 1983 they didn't make mint sets? I would have gone back and demanded Mint Sets be minted using silver in the coins.



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