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Finding the diamond in the rough at a local show.

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I often hear about someone who picks up some coin at a show for a few bucks and it turns out to be a real gem worth a bundle. I also hear about collectors who find some strange variety in a dealers junk box, pays a cheap price for a pretty expensive variety.


For those of you have done it, how do you do it? Have you memorized the cherry pickers guide? Do you go to a show knowing what to look for? Do you purposely go looking for a 1943/2 Jefferson (for example) and try to hunt it down?


Do dealers go over your inventory with a fine tooth comb to prevent something like this happening? or is it too much especially on what might be deemed as common coins?


I'm heading to bed soon but figured I would throw the question out there.




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I find that at a smaller show, this can be the case, where smaller dealers just don't have the time to go through the 'interesting' items to know what they really are. However, I find ebay to be the very best cherrypicking venue. It really depends on how much time you invest, say 20 hours a week, only to recoup $200 profit is not time well spent. However, 20 hours a week with $1000 recouped is OK. Over the years, I have cherrypicked some very interesting coin related items, some for keeping, some for sale. Unfortunately, many dealers today won't sell items unless they are sure of what it is, or they post them on ebay to find out their true value.




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I really haven't found varities...... but I know my GEMs.....


I have went to many shows and paid cheaply for some GEMs that graded very high.......


If there is a GEM Frankie or Washie or Winged Liberty in the raw....


I'll sniff it out....... nothing, I mean nothing.... hides from the eyes of the HepKitty!!



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