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the gold double eagle of 1849 and...... where is the single brass strike??

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among the highest orders of rarest of the rare in USA federal coinage is the 1849 double eagle


this is our first double eagle and only one piece was struck

a law was passed in congress in 1849 ordering these coins to be issued

one piece was struck and there was some sort of hold up then the year closed and no more coins could be struck dated 1849 this single gold 1849 double eagle represents the entire mintage for the year 1849 and resides at the smithsonian in washington d.c.


interestingly enough one more piece was struck in brass 893whatthe.gifbefore the dies were destroyed



flowerred.gifwhere is it now 893scratchchin-thumb.gifdevil.gif893scratchchin-thumb.gif











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The 1849 Double Eagle was actually struck on March 12, 1850 and there were 2 struck, one is in the Smithsonian and the other's whereabouts are unknown. Smithsonian Double Eagles . Interestingly enough, they also have an ultra HR 1907 Saint that was a presentation piece for President Teddy Roosevelt and two 1933 Saints! 893whatthe.gif

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