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Anyone know where I can find a reliable coin dealer in China?

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Hello World Coin Experts...


Up until now I have only collected US gold / silver coins and bullion (reference The Challenger Collection, Bullion Registry Set). But now I find myself here in China for the next three years, so I thought I might take a walk on the "Dark Side."


I've seen some nice Chinese silver dollars from the early 1900's on eBay, but I know very little about them. Over the last couple months I have traveled through Shanghai, Beijing, Xi'an and Hong Kong, but so far I not seen anything resembling a US coin dealer shop.


Has anyone in the forum dealt with any dealers located in China? If so, please feel free to make recomendations.



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No question about it! Every vendor in the "antique market" has a bowl full of Trade, Morgan, and Peace dollars. Some might be real, some look to good for me to tell the diference, others are too heavy or too light to even be silver.


When it comes to the Chinese silver dollars, the books I have do not show enough detail for me to tell whats authentic, so I plan to buy a slabbed coin from the US and use it as a "model" while I learn to tell the diference.


I was hoping to find a dealer in China to help me along the learning curve, but my internet searches for Coin Dealers / China have turned up nothing.


On the bright side, Jonson Matthey has a factory here in Hong Kong where they refine and produce 1 Kilo and 400 oz Gold Bars. I talked with them today and I managed to get them to arange a factory tour for me when I come back to Honk Kong next month. I am excited about it and will take some digital photos for posting if they let me.

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