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Have you ever done this?

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That is, check your grading skills against known slabbed & graded Heritage sold coins of same date and mm? All images on left are from Heritage archives.


Now, granted, Heritages pics aren't the greatest to start with and a pic of a bad pic is a worse pic. But there is still enough clarity for grade comparisons. I would like to know your opinions---Give me your grades for the slabbed on the left and then your grades for mine on the right. Will post slabbed grades and what I gave mine before seeing the slabs after those of you who want to try this post an answer.


First coin is a PCGS 1947-S and the one next to it is my 1947-S.



This next one is a NGC 1941-D and next to it is mine.



This is a obverse NGC 1943-P with mine.



Same coins, reverses.



Same coins---Monticello bldg



Reverses of a NGC 1949-D and mine.




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Come on Dave, there is a football game going on. smile.gif


Actually it is just over, thats why I am on the boards now.


As for the nickels, I have no idea. I have only one in my type set and wouldn't even want to venture a feeble guess. But yours look to be more lustrous and sharply struck. Going by the pictures I would rather own your example than Heritage's.


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No one can grade these Jeffs? Not even a try? A stab? A go? 893frustrated.gif


Need a push? Pics too big?


WHAT??? 893whatthe.gif893whatthe.gif


Sorry, I was watching football and replays of JJ's boob! 27_laughing.gif



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Football? Football?????????


If it was a golf tournament, I would be watching myself and understand, but I thought all this phoodbowl stuff was over with two weeks ago!!!!! grin.gif


Ok, its over. Who won? sign-offtopic.gif


Thanks for the compliment Dave. You have a VERY astute eye for quality!


David wink.gif

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Just to let you know what the graded Jeffs were:


1) 1947-S PCGS MS66

2) 1941-D NGC MS67

3) 1943-P NGC MS68!

4) 1949-D NGC MS67


I had previously graded mine as


1) 1947-S MS65

2) 1941-D MS65

3) 1943-P MS65+

4) 1949-D MS65


Wonder if I have a shot at a Registry set if I've undergraded most of mine as far as just these 4????????????????????? cloud9.gif



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Thanks, Dave! Very kind comment, very kind indeed! cloud9.gif


Yea, I think I am going to have to do this with all my raw Jeffs, just to get a better idea as to how the two top TPGCs compare, what they are looking at @ for in a Jeff. and see where mine stand. Lots of work in Heritages archives, but will be worth it.


It is a nice 43-P with excellent luster, 100% nick free. AND, it might squeek by for a 6FS from NGC. thumbsup2.gif



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