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Adding some gold to the collection

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Hi, guys.


In the past few months, I have taken a bit of a sidestep with the music coin collection, trying to add a few decent gold pieces to the collection. Blew my "play money budget" out the door but some careful hunting and patience, and some occasional lucky "best offers" and some help with 10% off Bing promotions, I actually scored several at melt or slightly above and 1 below melt. These are not rare by any means, but I never thought I would get them so close to gold content. (Now I know that foreign gold trade for a discount to their gold content) but I got these less expensively than I have seen them listed in recent months.


My thinking is that these are being scooped up at melt or close, and melted down. Don't know, just a theory because when I started the hunt, gold was between $800-900 if I recall correctly. Anyway, I'm pleased with what I was able to get and I continue the hunt for good deals. They are few and far between but occasionally...I get lucky. I didn't include the several "world's smallest gold coins" as these sell for WAY ABOVE melt so I tend to shy away. The smallest gold coin in the pictures is part of a Mongolian Chopin Set.

Sorry the images aren't better. New scanner...still learning.


STILL looking for that darned Tonga KM-160 1993 1 Pa'anga with Wagner on it. Man...has THAT been a challenge. Wrote the Central bank of Tonga, posted want ads, begged and pleaded with someone who owns one...no luck. Anyone out there have any "connections"?


Happy New Year, guys! Be well!!








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