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FSH: Monster List of Coins 1C 5C 10C 25C 50C $1

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Lincoln Cents

1979-S T-2 NGC PF69RD UC $60

1984-S PCGS PR69RD DCAM $9

1986-S PCGS PR69RD DCAM $9

1987-S PCGS PR69RD DCAM $9

2005-D Satin PCGS MS69RD $65

2007-D NGC MS67RD $20

2008-P SMS NGC MS69RD $150

(2) 2009-D Formative NGC MS66RD $7

(3) 2009-P Formative NGC MS66RD FDI $10

2009-P Birth NGC MS66RD $7

2009-P Professional NGC MS66RD FDI $10


Jefferson Nickels

1974-S PCGS PR69 DCAM $9

1975-S PCGS PR69 DCAM $9

1977-S PCGS PR69 DCAM $9

1978-S PCGS PR69 DCAM $9

1979-S T-2 PCGS PR69 DCAM $9

1982-S PCGS PR69 DCAM $9

1984-S PCGS PR69 DCAM $9

1985-S PCGS PR69 DCAM $9

1987-S PCGS PR69 DCAM $9

1988-S PCGS PR69 DCAM $9


Roosevelt Dime

1959 PCGS PR68 DCAM $350

1962 NGC PF68 UC $25

1966 SMS NGC MS68 Cameo $100

1967 SMS NGC MS68 Cameo $100

1976-S PCGS PR69 DCAM $9

1977-S PCGS PR69 DCAM $9

1978-S NGC PF69 DCAM $9

1983-D NGC MS65 $8

1987-P NGC MS65 $5

1987-D NGC MS66 $10

1988-P NGC MS67 $15

1989-P NGC MS65 $5

1989-D NGC MS65 $5

1990-P NGC MS66 $10

1990-D NGC MS65 $5

1991-P NGC MS65 $5

1991-D NGC MS65 $5

1993-P NGC MS65 $5

1993-D NGC MS65 $5

1995-D NGC MS65 $5

1996-D NGC MS66 $10

1996-W NGC MS66 $25

1998-P NGC MS66 $10

1998-D NGC MS66 $10

2003-P NGC MS66 $10

2007-S PCGS PF69 DCAM $9


Washington Quarters

1967 SMS NGC MS68 $300

1979-S T-2 PCGS PR69 DCAM $15

1983-D NGC MS64 $15


State Quarters

2000-D Massachusetts NGC MS67 $35

2000-D Maryland PCGS MS67 $25

2000-P New Hampshire NGC MS67 $30

2000-D New Hampshire NGC MS67 $30

2001-D (Flag Holder) Rhode Island PCGS MS67 $25

2002-D (Flag Holder) Ohio PCGS MS68 $60

2002-D (Flag Holder) Mississippi PCGS MS67 $15

2003-P Missouri NGC MS67 $25

2003-P Missouri NGC MS65 $6

2003-D Missouri NGC MS68 $250

2003-D Arkansas NGC MS68 $200

2003-P Illinois NGC MS65 $6

2003-D Alabama NGC MS67 $25

2003-D Maine NGC MS67 $25

2004-P Michigan NGC MS68 $75

2004-D Michigan NGC MS68 $50

2004-P Florida NGC MS67 $25

2004-P Texas NGC MS67 $25

2004-P Wisconsin NGC MS67 $25

2005-D Kansas NGC MS67 $25

2005-D Oregon NGC MS67 $25

2005-D SMS West Virginia NGC MS69 $200

2005-D SMS California NGC MS69 $50

2005-D California NGC MS67 $25

2006-D SMS Nevada NGC MS69 $50

2006-D Nevada NGC MS67 $25

2006-D Nebraska NGC MS67 $25

2006-P Satin Colorado PCGS MS69 $35

2006-D Colorado NGC MS67 $25

2006-P Satin South Dakota PCGS MS69 $100

2006-D South Dakota NGC MS67 $25

2006-D Satin North Dakota PCGS MS69 $60

2007-P Satin Utah PCGS MS69 $75

2007-P Satin Idaho PCGS MS69 $45

2007-P Satin Washington PCGS MS69 $55

2007-P Satin Montana PCGS MS69 $55

2008-D New Mexico NGC MS67 $25

2008 P&D Set Satin All PCGS MS68 $85


1970-S NGC PF68 UC $50


1974-D NGC MS65 $16

1980-P NGC MS66 $30

1981-D NGC MS66 $30

1981-S T-1 NGC PF69 UC $15

2005-D SMS NGC MS69 $75

2007-D Adams Satin PCGS POS.A MS69 $75

2008-P Adams NGC MS67 FDI $150

2008-D Adams NGC MS67 FDI $150

2008 P&D Set POS.B PCGS MS68 $80

2009-P Harrison NGC MS67 FDI $150


Commemorative Dollars

1994-D World Cup NGC MS69PL $35

1990-P Eisenhower NGC PF69 UC $35

2005-P John Marshall NGC PF69 UC $35

2006-S Old Mint NGC PF70 UC $75

Canada Coins

2005 50C Monarch NGC PF69 UC $35

2003 S$20 Niagara Falls PF67 UC $70

2003 S$20 Rocky Mountains PF68 UC $70

2004 S$20 Icebergs PF67 UC $70

2004 S$20 Hopewel Rocks PF68 UC $70

2004 S$8 Great Grizzly PF68 UC $70

2005 S$20 Diamonds PF68 UC $70


2005 WWII 6-Coin Set All NGC $250

~Liberation Netherlands SP69~

~Conquest of Sicily SP69~

~Battle Scheldt SP68~

~Battle of Britain SP68~

~Raid of Dieppe SP68~

~Battle for Atlantic SP64~


1979-S Type 1 Proof Set All 6 Coins NGC PF69UC $85

1980-S Proof Set All 6 Coins NGC PF69UC $85

1981-S Type 1 Proof Set All 6 Coins NGC PF69UC $85


US Mint Sets

1960 Proof Set $26

1961 Proof Set $20

1962 Proof Set $18

(2) 1963 Proof Set $18

(2) 1964 Proof Set $18

1966 SMS Set of 10 in Original Shipping Box $100

1966 SMS Set $10

1971-S Brown Box IKE $12

(5) 1974-S Brown Box IKE $15

2007-S Proof Quarter Set NO BOX $15

(5)2008-S Proof Quarter Set NO BOX $28

(3)2008-S Proof Quarter Set W/BOX $30

(2)2008-S Silver Proof Quarter Set W/BOX $30

(4) 2007-S Proof Presidential Set W/BOX $15

(5) 2008-S Proof Presidential Set NO BOX $15

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