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what does the future hold for half dimes? are you into them? collect them?

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are you into half dimes? flowerred.gif


would you consider a type set of proofs and/or business strikes? flowerred.gif


what does the future hold in this market for half dimes? 893scratchchin-thumb.gif


jeff nickels are popular well the half dimes are just old nickels flamed.gif893scratchchin-thumb.gif893scratchchin-thumb.gif


michael shy.gif


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Michael --


We need a reply from Toyonakataro, who has an impressive half dime collection.


I love the coins, but am no expert, and my feable eyesight is a bit of a problem - I really need magnification to appreciate them these days.


A fun exercise for the type collector:


Put together a pair (half dime, silver dollar) with the same design - flowing hair, bust/small eagle, bust/heraldic, seated no stars -- it is quite an amusing set.


One nice thing about half dimes -- there seem to be quite a few undoctored specimens around - its seems the temptation to clean them was a bit less than with the bigger coins.

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I'm interested in the series, but I've never collected them with much gusto. From my experience I've found San Francisco half dimes fairly plentiful from 1871-S on. By reading the history of the time it makes sense that there are so many AU and BU survivors left since silver was hoarded from the Civil War on. By the time silver dropped in price relative to gold, half dimes weren't being minted any more.


I've found that nice circulated capped bust half dimes of certain "common" years are really hard to find but priced at type.


They're fairly inexpensive when compared with their scarcity, but I don't see their popularity rising by leaps and bounds any time in the near future. I'm more into Canadian silver 5 cent pieces from Edward VII and George V, as well as Newfie 5 centers from George VI. These are even less appreciated.

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