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Pretty Toned Morgan - (Terrible Image)

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Here's another toned morgan I bought at FUN - Now in an NGC MS66* holder. Unfortunately, this image does not even come close to how nice it looks in the flesh. The coin has awesome neon christmas tree colors - I think I may have to send it to a really good photographer (like Paul Houck) to capture the color display. The coin is not as dark as the image and it is very vibrant - it has a PL look and it is quite dazzling as it is rotated - very difficult to capture in a photo. (I told that the photo was taken looking straight down at the coin - - it probably needed to be rotated slightly to catch the color)


If someone can tell me how to put the image in the post, I'll try and do that - but the best I can do right now is the attachment.


Image added thanks to Spy88!




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Numis, I was going to put up your pic for you, but its size is too big for that. You need to do a re-size before you should try to post pics. Need to keep them @ around 15kb to 20kb.


As for posting a pic with a post...

Do the test photo thing, go back to your post with attachment, open attachment and take down http address for it. Yours on this one is




Once you have this address, just use the "Image" link under Instant UBB Code, type in the address and away you go! All pic posting thru the test 1..2..3.. will start with:


The shorter you keep your own pic info (1880-S or 80S is all you need), the easier it is for you. If you are bringing in the pic from your own location, transfer to Testing area first and go from there.


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I bet that coin glows! It looks like it may have an underlay of textile toning, is this the case? If so, then that is another layer of coolness.

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Sweet looking Morgan, If I may ask which dealer had that coin. I thought I looked at them all but that one seems to have escaped me. 893frustrated.gif


Well actually the coin had just been purchased and it seems to have jumped up and grabbed me when I walked by. Until I saw this coin, I was not really looking to buy toned Morgans, but after I looked at it, I just could not put it down and leave that table without buying it - I probably paid way too much, but when I showed it to another dealer who specializes in killer toned Morgans, he indicated that even though I had stupidly paid too much, he'd be delighted to save me from my folly & reluctently admitted that he'd pay me a "small" profit.


When I get it back from NGC, I'm going to take a whole bunch of digital images with different lighting and different angles to see if I can capture the beautiful colors and vibrancy of this coin - The nice thing is that because the obverse is PL, the colors "shine" back at you, they don't just lay on the surface - the colors are variations of red, orange & green and are quite vivid - as I said - this coin reached out and grabbed me & wouldn't let go - basically I HAD to buy it (at least that's what I told my wife) - I called the photographer at NGC after I got the image & asked if she could shoot a couple of more images with it slightly tilted, but it was already packed for shipment, but she remembered the coin & remarked that the photo didn't really capture the glow of this coin.


Do I like it? You betcha! cloud9.gif

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Very Nice!!!! Looks like it would glow in the dark. 893applaud-thumb.gif


When I get it back from NGC, I'll take it to bed and find out - whoops, my wife might object to me going to bed with another beautiful lady!! shocked.gif

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