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Westford Ma. Coin Show report....

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Another busy show. Last week I mentioned that the Nashua N.H show was extremely busy, and this show didn't buck that trend.

It actually started off slower than normal, but kicked into high gear very quickly. One of those mornings where you check the time at 9, look again, and it's lunch!

I was there at 7, walked the floor, back and forth, back and forth. Found a nice vf 1913 Barber Quarter. Yup. That's it. Maybe I'm just not looking hard enough.

Took another look at the PQ Flyer in an NGC ms/63 holder that I saw last week in Nashua. Still at $750, and I'm not going to touch that coin at that level. It's a nice coin but.......

I met a few new pcgs board members, not sure if they cross over here, but had a few good coin conversations, saw a few nice coins, and even bought and sold a few. smile.gif

Higher end gold wasn't readily available. Some lower end stuff, but nothing you can't find anywhere else, or on Ebay.

It seemed busy, and everyone seemed to be holding steady on their pricing. We'll see how long it all lasts, but everyone is optimistic.

All in all it was a good show, with a full turnout.


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I just checked the lots from Goldberg sale whitch I asked someone to placed my bids...what's going on in your country? 893whatthe.gif893scratchchin-thumb.gif

I never expected to lose them all.

Seems like it's getting nearly impossible to get coins at fair price now.

I think I'm going to take a rest collecting U.S coins for a while... 893scratchchin-thumb.gif

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a superb report


coins are in for an up and coming boom that are going to make todays prices look cheap 893whatthe.gif


new money is coming in everyday


just make sure if you buy you buy great value coins with exceptional eye appeal and special qualities in series that are classic and as yet have not enjoyed the medium to huge price increases like other less classic more common series



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