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Old Currency (greenbacks) - How to store and protect?

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I'm not quite sure where to put this...


I'm a coin collecter, but I have some old US and world currency that I got from my grandfather. I would Like to know how to store and protect them. Also how do you grade them? And what are they worth?


I got them from my grandfather some time ago but they are:


1$ Citizens Bank 1853

3$ Jackson County Bank 1837

5$ CSA 1864

10$ CSA 1864


2$ France 1944

5$ France 1944 X3


1$ Deutschland 1944 X2

5$ Deutschland 1944 X9

10$ Deutschland 1944


20$ Zwranzeg Frang 1943

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Any local coin shop should carry plastic currency holders. They usually sell for 50C to $1, depending on size. The large notes from Citizens Bank and Jackson county bank are known as obsolete currency or broken bank notes. These notes were issued by a state, county, business and independent bank, much akin to a 'draft' or warrant and were meant to be paid in 'specie' or coin when presented for payment. When a bank or business went broke, there was no coin to back up the thousands of notes outstanding, so many notes became worthless. Depending on the amount of outstanding notes, obsolete notes can range from $3 to $100, depending on condition and scarcity. The CSA notes are fairly common, but very popular and depending on condition and issue, range from $10 to $50. The foreign notes appear to be US occupation currency and are not worth much unless they are a high grade or a variety.




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