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New Sets for Early Half Dollars!

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Several new Registry Sets for half dollars 1794-1839 are being put up.


The one for 1794-1807 is ready to use, while the ones for 1807-36 and 1794-1839 are still under construction. They should be ready by the end of business on Monday.


I'll keep y'all posted . . .

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I recently registered part of my collection as "The Woodinville Early Half Dollar Collection". I am glad that NGC broke out the 1794-1807 FH and DB halves separately as an option, they are really a different market than the capped bust series. I need to have some of my raw coins certified to add them to the registry.


I added an 1806 NGC AU50 O.114a to the pointed six, stem category, but it did not load. The coin does not have the Overton attribution on the holder, I am assuming this is why it did not load.


Is Overton attribution required on NGC holders for use in the bust half registry?

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why not fix inequities in proof sets, duplication of the same lincoln's, Sac's and jeffs in both the clad and silver proof sets by year. PCGS counters this duplication of coins in same type sets by having a combined year-by-year sets. Both Silver/Clad in same year is only one set. Or allow the duplicate linc's & jeffs only in the Clad set. The way it stands now it distorts the scores when a collector uses same Linc & jewff in both the Silver/Clad set.

ex. 1999 Clad Set

1) Proof Linc

2) Proof Jeff

3) Clad Qtr

4) Clad Kennedy

5) SBA Or Sac in 2000 forward. .

6) Clad State Qtrs


1999 Silver Set

1) Silver Qtr

2) Silver State Qtrs

3) Silver Kennedy


Combining them into one set, by year, like PCGS is the best Fix for this problem. Thanks for looking into this again. Tom 893frustrated.gif

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