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what are your thoughts on proof deep/ultra cameo pre 1916 coins??

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i am talking about silver, copper, nickel, copper nickel proof deep/ultra cameo coinage USA pre 1915 coins


do you collect it? cloud9.giflike it? thumbsup2.gif hate it? devil.gif revel in it?? flowerred.gif think about it? 893scratchchin-thumb.gif want it? flamed.gif


and what do you base your conclusions on ????? 893scratchchin-thumb.gif

grin.gifas your reasoning is THE most important grin.gif aspect of this post grin.gif




and a monster flamed.gif snow white deeply cameoed totally 100% fully struck

devil.gifstellar devil.gif deep/ultra cameo proof trade dollar for your viewing flamed.gif


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To answer your questions,



Do you collect it…No


Like it?…………..Yes


Hate it?………..…Of course not


Revel in it?………No


Think about it?…..Not really


Want it?……...… 893scratchchin-thumb.gif


Although there is no doubt that nice deep/ultra cameo proofs of any date are beautiful, I prefer to collect uncirculated coins. The reason is I find it more appealing to collect examples of coins that were minted and released through normal channels and were made to be spent rather than coins that were minted for collectors and were meant to be saved to begin with.


In my mind there is something special about a coin that was minted back when a person’s pocket change had real buying power, but survived until today in high AU or mint state.


I certainty do appreciate the beauty and rarity of some of the early proofs, and even collect commemorative coins and some proofs, but for me nothing beats the romance of a coin that was meant to be spent, but was put away and saved through hard times, and survives today in pristine condition. cloud9.gif





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Unlike many advanced collectors, I like proofs and MS coins equally well.

No matter what your preference it is almost impossible not to admire a DCAM coin with excellent surfaces. Your TD is a great specimen. I covet no man's possessions but admire your great eye and discipline. Many people have some great coins and a lot of ordinary ones. You have only quality and therefore stand as a QO collector (IMHO). acclaim.gif

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