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Questions concerning the Dollar Type Set

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I was browsing thru the dollar type sets and this question struck me:


Why is the 1921 Peace Dollar accorded its own separate type? The design is the same, the metal is the same. Seems odd that the relief of the strike warrants a separate entry.


Also, why wouldn't the 1836 and 1839 Gobrechts be separate types? One has stars on obverse, the other doesn't. One has stars on reverse the other doesn't. One has the name on base and the other doesn't. One has plain edge, the other reeded edge. Wholesale changes in design that seem to dwarf other coins broken into separate types such as the Motto or No Motto Seated Dollar or the High and Low Relief Peace Dollars. Could it be the length of run of the design? Yet the 1921 High Relief was only for one year as well....


Hmmm. Type I and Type II Trade Dollars? grin.gif

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Regarding the Peace Dollar types, the rationalization for including the 1921 High Relief would be the same as for including the 1907 High Relief Saint. They are different.


On the Gobrecht's, I see your point. However, is is up to David Lange and the NGC staff as to whether they wish to split the Types.

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The Peace Dollars of 1921 are distinctive enough that any type collector would want to own one in addition to the later issues. They are also affordable, a consideration that likewise makes them appealing to type collectors.


The Gobrecht Dollars are not broken down by types for the simple reason that most collectors would be lucky to own one example, let alone multiples. The type set may not be complete in the absolute sense, but we're trying to make it competitive for a broader number of collectors.


Regarding the Hawaii Dollar, this was coined by the U. S. Mint under contract to the Kingdom of Hawaii, which did not at that time have any legal connection to the USA. While it may be collected alongside USA issues, it is not a USA coin.

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