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three qualifiers make this a monster unusual coin

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usually...... these colored seated coins are proofs flamed.gif

usually.......NOT seen in gem mintstate let alone superb gem mintstate flamed.gifwith color!flamed.gif

usually....... of more recent manufacture very late 1800's to 1900's flowerred.gif




not so with this coin in this attachment



pre civil war

greatly colored

superb gem mintstate

strongly cameoed due to die polishing



michael shy.gifdevil.gifngc ms68* flamed.gifstar flamed.gifdevil.gif


also this coin has an extremely thick crusty crunchy skin as this coin has never been dipped

and this coin is not a dipped and then retoned in an album secondary toned coin



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That's a nice coin! thumbsup2.gif


I agree, the color scheme is unusual given that it is an MS and not a PF coin. The translucent pastels are infrequently seen, it is usually something more in the crisp, burnt blues and golds that is seen on the MS coinage, when one is able to find something truly attractive. Typically, these coins are either previously dipped-out, are retoned in an unappealing off-yellow or are just spotty.


It's obvious that there is a thick skin on that coin, and the subtle rings of color look as though they would be very distinct when tilted. The cameod appearance and strong die polishing would indicate an early strike and, likely, a better strike than a later die state coin. The silkiness of the surfaces are wonderful and the slight micro-spots do nothing to take away from the eye appeal. Also, the fabulously preserved surfaces show essentially no marks. This is the perfect type coin.


Attached is another from the same era, without die polish or cameo effect. The attachment does show, however, a more typical coloration for MS pieces. Please note that "more typical" does not equate to "common" in this series, the coin is an NGC MS66*. Enjoy.


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tom you are nothing short of a genius when it comes to evaulating coins


and this one you just have the scan and you have never seen it in person wow wow


thumbsup2.gifthumbsup2.gifthumbsup2.gifthumbsup2.gifthumbsup2.gifthumbsup2.gif but you are exactly 100% right on in your accessment! 893applaud-thumb.gif893applaud-thumb.gif893applaud-thumb.gif893applaud-thumb.gif893applaud-thumb.gif


michael shy.gif



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tom that 1858 halfdime is a really thickly skinned superb toned coin wow wild!


and strongly impressed also


an extremely uncommon coin with that "look" and eye appeal




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No apologies necessary, Trime! smile.gif I wasn't trying to infer that Michael's HD and my HD were of the same class, I just wanted to show a more typical coloration for a nice coin. thumbsup2.gif


Michael, thanks for the kind words! smile.gif

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