Help me grade a few tokens and other help please......

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The show is coming up in Long Beach in a few days and thought to run by some of my tokens to get a few ideas as to grades.

Also I was wondering if a few tokens can or is worth being conserved and then slabbed?


Any help would be appreciated.








Worth conserving and getting graded?






Conserve and grade?






Conserve and grade?





I think this one may be MS63 but hoping for PL as well





Conserve and grade?






Get graded?






Get graded?






Get graded......maybe AU50?







Is the green on the obverse enough to get a no grade?

Or get conserved and slabbed?




Its brass and has the D/O, so it maybe valuable in AU. It looks MS62 to me though.







and, last but not you think this one has a chance at MS?



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Hi there my 2c


1. Nice rim cud, Conserve VF-details No grade environmental damage



2. Conserve, VF-45 to AU-50


3. Conserve, No grade environmental damage


4. MS-62-63PL


5. Conserve, environmental damage No grade


6. Don't get graded


7. VF-45


8. Conserve, AU-50


9. Conserve, MS-60


10. AU-50 at best lots of ware on high points


11. Unnatural tone


12 MS-62-MS-63


Just my opinion and i know nothing .. as it has been proven on many occasions lol

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Some nice stuff there. I am doing a quick check to see if there are any high value pieces that might be worthy of certification. I am NOT too good at this but what the heck...I'll give it a shot.


First token (boar) don't certify, common and corroded


Second, Scovill Manufacturing Company, (1855) $45-$50 range in my 1999 edition, a couple of spots but I think it's a decent looking piece


Third, ship/coppers 20% premium...couldn't find it


4th, A.C. Yates SIgn of the Old Fat Man with Specs, nice looking NY token. common, probably not worth slabbing


5th William J. Mullen a scarcer issue $100 in XF...I'm not sure what is going on in the ear (green stuff) but this might be worth a shot...maybe as PCGS "Genuine"???


6th, Mint Drop HT-61. $50 XF, might be worth a shot at certification but a couple obverse spots make me not so sure,


7th I take the Responsibility, HT 70 I believe, nice piece but common $40 in XF


8th..."Am I not a woman and a sister" HT- 81 or 81a...depending on 28.3 mm or 27 mm. VF $55, XF $90. When I was collecting this stuff, I had a hard time finding a nice one of these. It's a popular token. I'd spring for the slab.


9th. Dodd and Company. Nice looking Ohio token but not rare, $15-$20 in XF,


10th, Am I not a man and brother., 1837..$100 in VF Nice piece...another popular token that I never found for my collection. I'd do the slab thing on this one


11th, Union store of A. Wise, NY. Beautiful colors, minted in 1850's $10-$25 XF, $25 Unc. NY 955 or 955a, maybe not worth the slab cost but the toning might bring a premium from the right buyer (if it's natural toning)


12th, same as number 2(1855) but much nicer. $35-$45 XF and $85 unc. I'd take the risk on slabbing this one.


My opinions only...not an expert but some of your pieces are really nice!!





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