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ngc needs a lesson in shipping.

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98% of time when ngc ships back it seems as though they cant read. sorry ngc but its true. i have a fedex account number and a usps account number. when i list the fedex they use usps when i ask for usps they dont use right shipping time.


overnight shipping means just that = overnight. the usps have a very clear slot that is called express. this is also called express in fedex and usps.


i do know sometimes its a second day delivery but regestered does not equal express!


only a few times have they got it right.


like this time they know overnight was marked (and always is) but yet it was sent via usps regestered snail mail. do you realy think i asked for fast delivery for my health? no . i asked for it cause thats the service i wanted. now its been in the shipping land for over a week.


i have made many calls and even checked the usps and fedex numbers for you. i have even listed both numbers for you to choose from for overnight but still regestered mail it is.


we are the ones paying now not you and you need to start doing as the "customer" asks.

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Okay! Now that you have aired this in a public forum, what do you expect us to do?


I know! I'd like to suggest that everyone send their recommendation to NGC that they amend their submission form, both hard copy and online version, to include the following:



Ant's Box


Chris (shrug)



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i second that chris . thanks.


or maybe they could read the ones they have us fill out. that could be easier.

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why dont you pre fill out the shipping form you want to use and send it to them with the submission


then they will know what to do



heres another worker for you folks.

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For shipping to Australia NGC also needs to mark the section which is asking whether the item is COMMERCIAL (no), RETURN TO SENDER (YES), GIFT (acceptable), etc etc


Please make sure you do this NGC.. and I am not talking about the "what to do if not delivered" I mean the "REASON FOR SENDING THIS BOX OF GOODS INTO THE COUNTRY" !! eesh


Its a major pain to drive half an hour to customs to pick up a box that contains items that already belong to me. I've asked but last shipment again didn't have the box ticked correctly.. luckily the declared amount was low.

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