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HE speaks.....

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I've got to be honest- I was under the impression that Barney didn't really have any kind of disease- it was just a bad joke.

If I'm wrong than YES- Adrian took it to a whole new level of unfairness- no matter what message he was trying to get across.

I think we all abide by a set of ethics here. We don't talk poorly of one and anothers spouses and children and we don't rip on any kind of illness.


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You have to wonder about a guy that loves inculcating the rath and dislike of everyone that responds to his postings. This guy, Adrian (Anaconda, or whatever) seems to have a psuedo-Sociopathic, personality disorder. It is not normal human behavior to lash out at everything and every one who responds to you, even those who are gently pulling your leg, or are trying to make a point.


Now I remember why I stopped going over there very often. The place is Fantasy World! tongue.gif

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