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A boatload of stuff available on the boards only. From half cents to hawaiians!

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Picked up some nice stuff at a show today, and unloading some other coins that have been sitting for a little bit.

Prices are firm. 3 day return (different than my usual 5 day return because I want to turn this stuff over). Shipping will depend on what you take.

There's a little bit here from half cents to Commem's. Some really nice stuff, and some other.....well, stuff. wink.gif

Everything is priced accordingly.

PM or post below with any questions. I can provide tons of references from past board dealings, if necessary.


In no particular order:


1926-s Oregon ANACS ms/65 Attractive mottled toning with some color. Nice and original, and a 65 in anyone's holder. Strike and luster are all there. $255

1861 H10c NGC au/55 Originally toned with rose/gray and gold centers and blue/gray towards the rims. Medium color, not too dark. $85

1912-d 1c PCGS ms/65 bn. Rainbow toned with ample mint red still peaking through. Probably a borderline R/B coin. Very pretty. $440 Worth the money!

1930 1c PCGS ms/66 RD Full red coin with some gold highlights on Lincoln. $120

1927-d 1c NGC ms/65 bn Gorgeous tougher date. Slightly rotated reverse. $345

1919-s 1c NGC ms/63 bn I have two of these. Both have good looks to them with some mint red showing through. One coin has a tiny black spot on the obverse, and reverse. The other has a bit of woodgrain texture to it. Either coin is $90

1909 1c vdb NGC ms/66 RD Beautiful. $240

1939 1c NGC pf/64 RB Nice mirrors, no spots, full red reverse. $125

1916-d 1c PCGS ms/64 bn Nearly red/brown. Excellent quality. $160

1917-d 1c PCGS ms/64 bn Ditto above, the wheat ears are slightly softly struck. $150

1919 1c PCGS ms/65 RD Tremendous strike and luster. The tiniest spot on Lincoln's jaw, and a hit near the left obv. rim. $160

1914 1c PCGS ms/64 rb Burgundy/brown coin, fantastic luster. Nice coin. $65

1912-s 1c PCGS au/53 Reverse looks unc. the obv. has the slightest hint of rub. Way too nice for a 53. $95

1942-s 1c PCGS ms/66 RD Blazer $65

1936 1c PCGS ms/66 RD Ditto above but the obv. does have some wispy striations. $45

1934 1c PCGS ms/66 RD Beautiful $85

1906 1c ANACS ms/63 RB Great type coin with 80% red surfaces. $35

1900 1c NGC ms/65 bn Plenty of mint red peaking through, with a tinge of blue on the reverse. $130

1908 1c PCGS ms/64 RD No spots or problems, full red with a bit of a woodgrainy look. $160

1795 1/2 c ANACS g-4 Pl. edge C-6a neat old half cent. Worn, no problems. $310

1853 1/2c NGC ms/64 bn Excellent type piece. Hints of red. $410

1851 1/2c NGC ms/64 bn Outstanding quality. Looks gem, but one tick in the right obv. field keeps this coin at the ms/64 level. A bit of red showing also. $490

1883-O Morgan NGC ms/63 Beautiful reverse crescent tone. Nice coin. $200

1881-O Morgan NGC ms/64 In a thicker holder. Attractive crescent toned coin along the lower 1/3 of the obverse. Frosty white everywhere else. $165

1919-s 50c ANACS vg/8 Problem free. $20

1936-d San Diego ANACS ms/65 Older holder, originally toned. $120

1952 Wash.-Carver NGC ms/64 Older holder Originally toned, and undergraded. $25

1934 50c PCGS ms/63 Green label holder. Fully struck, and light obverse toning. The reverse is a deeper blue/burgundy that still has great luster. Looks at least ms/64. $90

1928 5c ANACS ms/64 solid for the grade. Great luster, just a tad to weak centrally to grade ms/65. $85

1928 5c PCGS ms/62 Green label holder. ms/62 is a joke. Much nicer, but needs a dip. No kidding. $40

1926 Sesqui commem NGC ms/65 Best example of this issue I've ever seen. Some light toning at the rims. Serious inquiries only please. $4300

1936-s Rhode Island PCGS ms/64 Green label holder. White, and nice. $95

1936-d Rhode Island NGC ms/64 Ditto above, but a bit nicer, in my opinion. $95

Robinson commem. PCGS ms/63 Blast white, and a heck of a 63. $100

1929 5c NGC ms/61 Lustrous, but weakly struck. $30

1996 1c ANACS ms/65 partially plated. Half zinc, half copper. Neat error coin. $110

1921-s Morgan NGC ms/65 Blast white, bomb of a coin. $1100

1883 10c Hawaii PCGS au/50 Tough to find. $455

1928-d 5c NGC ms/64 white with some gold at the rims. There is a sm. fleck on the cheek. $100


Last but not least is a group of 4 mint sets. 1947, 1951, 1952, and 1953. I want to sell these as a group. The '52 P mint quarters are missing, as well as 1 '53 P mint quarter. (probably still rolling around the bank floor!) The '47 set seems original, the '51 and '52 sets may have had the halves replaced. Still real nice sets. $3100 for all 4 sets, minus the three missing quarters, unless they turn up.


I'll be scanning most of this stuff up, some of it I'm not. You'll just have to trust me on some of this stuff.

PM or post below if interested.


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