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From errors to Ikes, and some early type stuff thrown in too! For Sale Here!

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From bust to bald here's a little bit of something for everyone. PM or Post below if interested.

Scans available via email. Paypal is available. Shipping will depend on total amount. I don't deal with the modern stuff, for the most part, so if something seems priced out of whack, let me know, and make an offer.

In no particular order:

1833 10c ANACS ms/60 Toned in blue, rose and violet tones. Good luster and strike. The ms/60 grade is odd. The coin looks better. $650

1976-d Ike ANACS var. 2 ms/66 Awesome looking coin, for an Ike! I didn't think Ikes could look this nice. The only distraction, if you want to call it one, would be some die polish lines. Otherwise this coin is of excellent quality. $85

1939 5c NGC ms/63 FS BROADSTRUCK Cool coin for the Jefferson enthusiast. $170

1858 3cs NGC ms/62 Cool toned Trime. Medium to deep blue and rose toned coin with green and violet hues. Well struck for the issue with good luster. Looks better than a 2. $360

1964 5c PCGS pf/68 old holder Steel blue and violet toned beauty. Super attractive coin. The holder does have some marks/hits on it. $125

1957 50c PCGS ms/66 Nice, originally toned Frankie with an excellent strike and lustrous surfaces. Real close to FBL. $50

1958 50c PCGS ms/66 Another nice, originally toned Franklin. This one has some darker toning in the fields, not as solid a strike as the above coin, but with better overall luster. $47

A pair of gold/rainbow toned Washington quarters that I'm selling as a lot/pair. The first coin is a 1947 PCGS ms/65. Mostly a yellow and rose toned coin with rainbow hues along the rims, obverse and reverse. The second coin is a 1944-d in a NGC ms/65 holder. More of a solid toned coin with yellow, rose and green color to the surfaces. Excellent luster, and not darkly (fugly) toned. $225 for the pair.

1954 25c PCGS ms/66 Excellent quality coin with some mint set type toning along the obv. and rev. rims. Great luster. $50

That's it for now. I've got some more stuff coming back from NGC this week, so check back in!!


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No, it's a regular 1964. Plain Janes sell for $20-$30. The monster blue/violet toned coins sell in excess of $200, mine has some very pretty blue/violet color, but I wouldn't consider it "monster". I've checked some pricing history (Teletrade, Ebay), and similar coins with the same look have retailed for $150.

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