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I bought from Teletrash 2 or 3 times. I discovered that they sell mostly coins that were maxed out in grade or overgraded. It looked like a dumping ground for ugly coins.


I find it curious that you say this. The vast majority of Teletrade coins are in NGC or PCGS holders - with a few in ANACS & ICG etc.


For the ANACS or ICG slabs - I can understand your statement - not that I agree or disagree - but I can understand it. And as for the PCGS slabs - until a few months ago - maybe 6 - PCGS was considered on a par or above NGC for accurate & consistent grading - even here in this Forum.


Then there's NGC itself. From what I have seen on Teletrade - and the coins I have bought there - roughly 40% of them are in NGC slabs.


So I think you can see why I am curious about your statement.


As for my personal opinion - I have bought many coins via Teletrade - and I have been happy with every one. Their service, delivery and packaging is exemplary. The one drawback in my opinion is the buyers fee - much like Heritage. But then any of the auction houses tack that on.


As for the coins being ugly - well - beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

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Some TT coins are good. Some are great. However, the vast majority are coins that can't be sold sight seen (dogs, low-end or overgraded coins).

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Gunsmoke- it's NOT just you.


Regarding Teletrade? It's a minefield.

Careful where you tread and you just might come out alive with a big smile on your face (for living through the ordeal).

Other times maybe only a limb will be blown off or you'll loose an eye.


What between the return fees you better fall in love with that coin because there is almost NO returning it!

On the Sellers end the fees are enough to drive you crazy!

Also with the Dealers protecting their little coins with the 'buybacks' and bid protection, it is rare, if ever you find a true gift or even a bargain.

That said though- it is fun and yes (!) you do find that little GEM you've been tracking down and sometimes it is only Teletrade that'll provide it for you.

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I've kept the last 2 coins I got off of Teletrade, one was a Seated Half Dime with great album toning, and the second was a Pilgrim commem I posted here recently. Have another commem on the way, but it is not as promising.

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