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Help with Struck on Elliptical Planchet Mint Error

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An elliptical planchet is really cool. You know what a clipped planchet error is, right? If not, info on that is easy to find. Well, the clipped planchet error is just a form of clipped planchet - it is clipped on both sides in such a way as to produce an ellipse. Thus, it is actually a double clip.

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I'll try to make this as clear as possible, as the elliptical clip is not as easy error to describe how it happens. (For the record, neither the above descriptions are accurate. Sorry.)


Picture planchets being punched out. Each circular, falling below the strip to be collected. Now imagine that one of these planchets, instead of being collected, remains with the strip of punched metal (whether physically attached to it or not). The blanking die punches it (the planchet) again, but, of course, not exactly in the same location (WRT the planchet). (Draw a circle. Now, draw an arc of a same-diameter circle so that it overlaps the first. Separate the two areas hence defined.) You will get two pieces. One, a crescent clipped planchet, shaped like a crescent moon. The other piece will be "elliptical," though more accurately described as two overlapping arcs of the same diameter.


(Contrast this to the typical curved clipped planchet, which punches a blank from the metal strip in such a way that it overlaps an already punched out area.)


(Also consider yourself warned about similar "elliptical strike clips," where an off-center strike (while being struck) gets shorn in two by the coining die, the unstruck and struck areas (the second being elliptical in shape.) These are more common than true elliptical clips, especially for post-1982 Lincolns.)

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