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Poster of the Day Award goes to whoever can tell me the date of this thing

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I picked this up in high school when I went to Africa on a missions trip. I spent a month in Egypt working on an orphanage, helping to build them a new kitchen. After that, we spent a week touring Egypt. I went to most of the major sites - the Great Pyramids, the Sphinx, the Cairo museum, the bent pyramid, the step pyramid, the collapsed pyramid, Luxor, the Valley of the Kings, Queen Hatshepsut's temple, and various other places. Our group then spent a week in Ethiopia with other teams that had gone to various places in Africa. While in Ethiopia, I somehow or other managed to pick this little coin up, and I think I got it in pocket change because I have no recollection of purchasing it (on our day of touring Addis Ababa, we went shopping and I did go into a coin store, but I only bought one coin and it wasn't this one). Given that I don't read Imharaq (supposedly, it is one of the most difficult languages to learn), I am baffled by the date on this coin. The situation is compounded by the fact that they don't use the same calendar. So, if any of you smart cats can figure out the date on this little bugger, you will earn the unofficial Poster of the Day Award. Yes, I know its beat up, and its actually bent a little, but it has great sentimental value due to the story related above.



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It is hard to read the date characters given the wear but I come up with a date of EE1895 which would be 1902-3 I believe. The date characters are below the bust.


Note: The date characters would represent the numbers: 10 8 100 90 5 which would be calculated as (10+8)*100 + 90 + 5 = EE1895

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