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Mint sealed Ikes, what about other mint sealed coins graded..?

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I saw where NGC is grading "brown Ikes" in the original mint packaging, sealing the lense case, and wondered if anyome has heard whether it will be possible to submit other coins sealed by the mint like Morgan-GSA, or Modern Eagles (silver, gold, platinum) that are all sonically sealed in plastic. I would think that they could wrap the round coin holders, just as they do the larger lense holders from the mint. Any input on this? I saw this in the September issue of Numismatist, page 8.



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Hi Matt,


Any reason for this change where NGC would take lense cased Ikes's and Morgans and grade them in the original case? I am not asking you as an employee of NGC as I know that is forbidden, but would you submit, if they were your coins, say proof Eagles, in the orignal case or flips.


Thanks....Steve confused-smiley-013.gif

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Well, that depends, the question is how comfortable do you feel removing the coin yourself and putting it into a 2x2 and sending it. If you think you can do it without damaging the coin, then go ahead, otherwise it may be worth sending it in the capsule. As long as you're careful cracking out the coin and use padded mailers, you shouldn't do any damage to the coin.


Personally, for Proof SAEs, were I to send them in, I'd send them in in the capsules just to be safe.


The government issues of the Ikes and Morgans are in the larger presentation cases and are sealed, so there is ample room to put the grade on a label without blocking the view of the coin itself. This isn't possible in the capsules that are not much bigger than the coin itself.


If you have any other questions on subitting the proofs, feel free to call customer service and they can get you all the detailed information.

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