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extremely uncommon rainbow proof copper nickel 19th century type coin

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a really nice technical superb gem proof and with outrageous color besides monster eye appeal! flamed.gif


extremely uncommon as such flamed.gif


demand is not there for these coins looking like this as

you cant find them and most all collectors have not seen such an animal as this


hence no demand


and when one shows up it is hard to price as there is no pricing information or auction records because of the rarity of three cent nickel proofs with this overall look and superb technical qualities


this is the ultimate combination


superb technical qualities

superb color

monster eye appeal flamed.gif


and in person the colors are much more vibrant and alive and rainbow than the scan shows


michael juggle.gifflowerred.gifjuggle.gifflowerred.gifjuggle.gifflowerred.gifjuggle.gifflowerred.gifjuggle.gifflowerred.gifjuggle.gifflowerred.gifjuggle.gifflowerred.gifjuggle.gifflowerred.gifjuggle.gifflowerred.gifjuggle.gifflowerred.gifjuggle.gifflowerred.gifjuggle.gifflowerred.gifjuggle.gifflowerred.gifjuggle.gifflowerred.gifjuggle.gifflowerred.gifjuggle.gifflowerred.gifjuggle.gif







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That beautiful, Michael. It would look great in my type collection, unfortunately I just blew my coin budget for quite a long time.

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thanks everyone fcor the nice comments flowerred.gif


i need someobe to take photos for me of some coins that are currently not photoed if you ever get up to rochester ny let me know

and if you go to www.pqcoins.com and then click on the eastern collection you can see some of the coins that are photographed in this collection and if you click on the smaller photos they become larger!



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and welcome to the boards thumbsup2.gif i see your first post is on this thread!!


i hope you can hang around herre and do some threads and more posting! 893applaud-thumb.gif


keep in touch and i hope one day we can meet hi.gif and talk coins!



michael shy.gif

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