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fully/original/toned MONSTER superb gem proof seated dime

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this coin currently makes its home in an ngc proof 67 holder


and is to me a no brainer 68 coin easy any day of the week.


absolutely no marks nicks scratches or hairlines on this coin and of course market graded 67

because of the original toning as

currently deep clear mirrors rule the roost and nothing wrong with that

but to penalise a monster original fantastic eye appealling coin like this with only a

67 grade when technically it is a no brainer 68+

coin and eye appeal wise a 68+ coin is a crime!!


but such is the art of grading!! and only the opinion of a service


well, talk about this coin as being undervalued and a sleeper wow!! and with this toning nothing

short or monster rare and wild!!!



the reason this coin is not in a 68 holder is only one thing the mirrors are milky from the

coin being fully original never dipped or

played with the coin has developed this thick milky skin over the years and


also has acquired a close to monster album toning on both sides of the rims leading to the centers.



folks this is how a proof seated dime comes to look like that has never been touched, played

with, doctored, cleaned since the day

it was struck. this coin has never ever been played with nor even soap and watered and never

cleaned whatsoever. if there is

ever something as a "VIRGIN" coin this is it!!!! this coin was stored properly and was left to its

own devices when stored in an album

for quite a long time this milkiness is how these coins come looking like original i have seen

milky proofs like this on many an original

seated proof coin but none with the eye appeal of this coin that is what makes this proof seated dime

so special!


take a good look as this is something you do not see everyday. and of course again trite but

still true this coin





the colors of this coin are red!!!! blue, golden/yellow rainbow obverse rim to golden center with

the reverse of blue rim color to a

whiteish center


again this is a super cherry unmolested never played with proof seated dime. as to why it is

not in a 68 holder is beyond me but

again i would


rather see this coin as it is currently



and under appreciated

and a super sleeper

with extraordinary eye appeal

and not maxed out in its current holder


there is something about this coin that just has a special look to it i have rarely ever seen before

in a proof seated dime, but i have

seen it in person i guess you need really need to see this coin in person!


this coin currently resides in an eastern collection and i have personally seen this coin and the

above thoughts are my own based

on 35 years of experience and looking at many thousands of coins

i post this coin on here from this collection that i have examined in the hopes that i can show

what some really special pieces look

like out of the thousands of coins i have looked at over the years and what to look for in a great coin

. and to show that there are

great coins out there


there are


crappy coins

average coins

good coins

very good coins

great coins!!


only buy great coins!!!


also as a side note as you can see from the photo the strong cameo both sides, if this coin

was dipped and came out with no trace

of toning this coin is a no brainer deep cameo proof by the major grading services standards!!!!!!!!!!!! but

the toning will not let this coin

be grade cameo but that is okie by me as the coin and not the printed words on the holder speaks for



sincerely michael

oh this coin is from mark feld of pinnacle! see there are great coins monster great coins still out there



























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Wow. The quality of the devices on that coin is unreal. Truly, a scan does not capture such proofs well, so given the handicap, that is a MONSTER!!!!!!! Great colors!!! I agree with you Michael, that if one revealed the fields of that coins they would be pure mirrors. UCAM no brainer. Sweet! I love the wreath on that coin.



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Very cool coin, thanks for posting this. As to why it isn't a 68, I would ask, if you were at the mint grading the coins when they came off the dies, what grade would they have been? And would you grade them HIGHER after they toned?


I'm not saying a coin's grade shouldn't go up after it leaves the mint. Just something to think about.

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thanks for the great comments guys!


for me if i were grading coins right off the dies at the mint i bet that most all but not all would be 67 or higher

and also for me i would not grade a coin higher because of monster toning


now if a coin was like a 65.99 and it had monster toning then i would put it into a 66 holder


if i saw a coin that was to me a 66.99 and had monster toning then i would put it into a 67 holder


if i graded a coin 67.99 and it had monster toning then it would depend on the series of the coin

and the age and maybe maybe not in a 68 holder


but if a coin was a 68.99 and it had monster toning i would never put it into a 69 holder


and i do not personally believe that any coin should be graded as a 70


sincerely michael

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