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one year proof type coin and superbly toned with many unique aspects

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1942 type 2 proof silver war nickel with the giant "P" reverse mintmark ngc pr67 and really REALLY nice for the grade and eye appeal




not only a one year type coin


the only silver proof jefferson nickel


but the only proof war nickel


the only silver proof war nickel


the only proof jefferson with a giant P above monticello


the first P mintmarked coin of the 20th century


and the only philpadlphia mint issued coin with the mintmark on the reverse wow wild!!

i am not too well versed with all the current modern coins coming out so i think 893scratchchin-thumb.gif this is true!


the ultimate one year type coin as you need it! for a date or type set



here is a photo of such a coin


most all of the time these coins come blast white

not so with this coin


the toning is really eye appealling

and the mirrors are watery deep


a light gentle cameo blush.gif


and with an above average strike

not all these coins are well struck!


this coin is free of the usual toning dots, carbon spots, and fly specks


overall this coin has a really extraspecial STRONG eye appeal 893whatthe.gif


due to deep mirrors flowerred.gif

a light gentle cameo angel.gif

no carbon spots or fly specks toning dots flowerred.gif

extraordinary exquisite toning cloud9.gif

above avargae strike flowerred.gif



sweet flowerred.gif



michael hi.gif


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thanks guys this coin currently resides in an eastern collection and currently not for sale


the mirrors are really watery deep and as you can see in the back of monticello there are storm clouds gathering on the horizon


could this be a precurser of things to come???



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