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Jefferson Expert(s)---Got one for you---

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Hey, Jefferson people, need your help and expertise with this one.




For lack of a better term, I call these marks around the end of the ponytail "worms". They are on my 43-P, 43-D and 44-D war nics. They look like someone using a microscope, gouged out areas around the edges of the ponytail.

Anyone ever see these things before and/or know what they are and/or what caused them?


Thanks 893scratchchin-thumb.gif


I have added three more pics of this worming. Same link. Got input from a good source that it may be a combo of a die crack and double die that he has not seen or heard of before. I checked other Jeffs in my book and found them on the 42 ty1 and 42-D ty1! Not as defined, but same pattern of worming.

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spy, I am not an expert in Jefferson nickels (or anything for that matter), but I would have to say that the "worms" are not mint made. Rather, they appear to be scratches that were applied after leaving the mint. Why you have 3 nickels with the same damage is not clear to me. Do any kids have access to your collection? Do they own a pocket knife?


The most charitable explanation would be that they are strike-throughs. 893scratchchin-thumb.gif

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Nope, no kids, Dennis---just three de-clawed cats. They are definitely NOT scratch marks as they outline the ponytail to nicely and not all of them are the same fullness or length. My 42 ty1, 42-D ty1, 42-P, 43-D and 44-P all exhibit the same "worms" but not to such extent as the ones pictured.


Don't think they are just the ribbons either. Under 30x, one can tell they are definitely grooves. confused.gif

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